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Great News, Great News, Great News!!!!

Man of Health Clinic is now offering 4 of the best peptides in the country. If I’m helping you with weight loss or testosterone therapy, it’s time to START this therapy now..

Im offering this add on therapy for LOW because you guys deserve it. Take advantage of this DEAL NOW.. it’s an exclusive deal only for YOU. Read below and lock in this deal NOW.

What is Peptide Therapy?

Peptide Therapy helps stimulates the body’s natural production of growth hormone.

Peptides are typically administered directly into the bloodstream through subcutaneous injections and oral forms.


As stated above, peptide therapy is an extremely unique treatment option that can be used to treat a variety of concerns. Some of the benefits of peptide therapy can include but are not limited to the following:

  • Accelerate healing processes
  • Boost hormone levels (Growth Hormone)
  • Build muscle mass quickly and naturally
  • Decrease joint and muscle pain
  • Enhance cognitive function and memory
  • Help reverse symptoms of sexual dysfunction
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Increase levels of energy, stamina, and strength
  • Promote healthy immune function
  • Reduce signs of aging
  • Stimulate hair growth


Peptide Therapy has minimum side effects. Most peptides are given subcutaneously, so most side effects are injection based


Man of Health Clinic offers 4 Peptides each Designed Specifically for my Man of Health Members:

Ipamorelin (Weight Loss)

Ipamorelin is a peptide used to help augment human growth hormone (HGH) production. Ipamorelin is composed of five amino acids that stimulate the pituitary gland to produce more growth hormone naturally. If you add exercise to your routine, you can lose weight at a faster rate. Ipamorelin also includes anti-aging properties. Benefits include decreased body fat, increased lean muscle mass, improved sleep, and increased collagen production.

PT-141 (Sex Booster)

PT-141, also known as bremelanotide, is an innovative new peptide hormone treatment that works for both men and women to improve sexual function. It’s a once a week injection. PT-141 is an effective and efficient treatment for both erectile dysfunction and increased libido in men and improves female sexual arousal disorder in women. PT 141 peptide gives you the desire and motivation along with the ability to increase blood flow to the penis or vagina and clitoris, returning the intimacy and passion to your relationship. PT 141 addresses those issues to help resolve sexual difficulties.

PT-141 works directly through the nervous system to increase arousal, desire, and satisfaction with sex. Treatments like Viagra and Cialis work through the vascular system and only give you the ability to achieve an erection. However, PT-141 gives you the desire and motivation along with the ability to achieve an erection, returning the intimacy and passion to your relationship.

(Overall Health)

CJC 1295 allows the anterior pituitary to follow the natural, pulsatile release of growth hormone without an increase in appetite stimulation, cortisol, acetylcholine, prolactin, and aldosterone. Typically, you will see CJC compounded with Ipamorelin due to its ability to stimulate GHRH for enhanced results. This medication can be combined with IPAMORELIN and give you that extra boost. 1+1= 4x the Boost.

Ibutamoren Mk-677 (MassGainer)

Ibutamoren (Mk-677) helps you build serious muscle mass. Studies have shown people who have taken MK677 have put on up to 15 lbs of muscle in just 10 weeks. It’s available as a tablet/capsule that you take orally.

Ibutamoren not only helps you build and hold muscle, it helps improve sleep quality, look younger and feel better.


(Only $99 a Month)

Yes if you’re currently one of our monthly members you can add any peptide for only an additional $99 a month.

You can build a yearly plan that works for you. Do you need to add some muscle (Bulking) for the winter time use MK677 to put on that muscle mass. If it’s time to lose some weight (Cutting) for the summer use Ipamorelin.

Let us know your goal and we will start you on a PEPTIDE plan that works for YOU!!!


Non-Members pay $129 a month for any Peptide Therapy. Non-Members pay $69 for any ED Therapy.

Text “Peptide” or “ED” and we can get you started today.