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Man of Health: Amazon Picks: Home Gym Edition


This week’s Amazon Picks include Home Gym Equipment for anyone looking to improve their physical health. If Covid-19 taught us anything. It taught us the importance of having backup plans and being healthy.

We had to have backup plans for our finances, social life, and also our gym life. We believe physical health is one of the 4 pillars of health, so you can see why we believe having a home gym is essential.

In this post we are going to give you some recommendations for the best home gym equipment found on Amazon. We have included links to each recommendation and when possible we have provided some amazing Amazon discount codes. Each code is applied automatically when you check click the link. 


Let’s Get Started:



Adjustable Bench:

It is vital to have an adjustable bench, so you can really do incline work. An adjustable bench allows you to target different angles of each muscle. Adjustable benches help keep your posture stable and help prevent injuries. An adjustable bench can be used for multiple purposes. You can use the bench for push ups, core work, and even cardio exercises.

Every home gym should have an adjustable bench. Our choice is the:

Flyfe Adjustable Bench priced at 249.99. You can use our discount code and receive this bench for 65% off. That would make the price $89.99. 

Click Below to Purchase your

 Amazon Adjustable Bench 



Stationary Exercise Bike

When it comes to cardio we believe the stationary bike is the way to go. Everyone needs cardio, but the problem with cardio can be the impact it has on joints. Ask any runner you know and trust me they will tell you just how important low impact cardio is. This is why we believe the exercise bike is the best cardio option out there.

It is very low impact. It uses smooth movements to strengthen bones and muscles without putting a strain on the joints. Stationary bikes also burn calories at a very high rate. A workout of 45 minutes can burn 350-450 calories. This is great calorie loss without putting extra stress on your joints.

The Man of Health Amazon Pick:
The Vigbody Exercise Bike is usually $359.99. You can get the bike now for  22% off. This means you will pay only $279.39.

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Amazon VIGBODY exercise bike




Ok guys I think everyone seen this one coming. You have to have a barbell. This piece of equipment has withstood the test of time. Barbells allow you to move some serious weight, and work multiple body parts (chest, legs, shoulders, biceps, and triceps).

The Man of Health Amazon Pick is the: Cap 7 Foot Barbell for weightlifting and powerlifting. This barbell is meant to last. You don’t have to wear about wear and tear. It’s usual price is $249.99 you can get this barbell for 33% off, so you would only pay $167.78. 

Click the link below to purchase your Cap 7 Barbell

Amazon Cap Barbell



Resistance Bands

Ok let’s be honest, everyone does not have the money to spend 100s of dollars on workout equipment right now, so what do we recommend. We recommend a great set of resistance bands. The best deal and best set they have in Amazon are the Intey Pull up Assist Bands. These bands are usually listed for $59.99 but you only pay $29.99 when you use are link. 

These bands come in a set of 4

Red: 15-35 lbs
Black 25-65
Purple 35-85
Green 59-125

Click Below to Purchase your Resistance Bands

Amazon INTEY Resistance Bands




We couldn’t have a workout list without adding dumbbells. Every home gym should have a set of adjustable dumbbells, because they save money and space. The best set of adjustable dumbbells on Amazon are the Bowflex Home Gym Series. These adjustable dumbbells come in two different weight ranges the 552, which adjust from 5 to 52 lbs. and the 1090s which adjust from 10-90 lbs. each. These two dumbbells do the work of an entire dumbbell rack.

We live these dumbbells because of the convenience, durability, and price.

The 552s cost 365.26 and the 1090s coat 889.97. Compare that to the price of an entire rack of dumbbells up to 50 lbs. ($950) and up to 90 lbs. ($2000).

Click Below to Purchase your Bowflex Dumbbells 

Amazon Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells



Squat Rack Cage

If you are going to have a barbell and an adjustable bench you have to have a quality squat rack. We believe the best option is to have a rack power cage, because offers you more stability and more options to your workout. There is not a big difference in price plus cages come with more accessories.

The Sunny Health and Fitness Cage comes with easy lock and go spotted bars (safety first). It has a max weight of a 1000 lbs. An angled pull up bar. 6 Resistance band pins which allows you to workout with the recommend bands above.

The Amazon Price is 399 you pay 349.97 a saving of 13%. 

Click Below to Purchase your Power Cage Rack

Amazon Sunny Health Power Squat Cage



Hey our goal is to help anyway we can. If you are interested in getting discounts and reviews on any other health products let us know in the comments below. Do not forget to share this post with others. 


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