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Arthritis Pain: How to Fix your Ache?

Hey we all have dealt with arthritis pain.

All of us men know the pain of sore joints, that achy feeling of rust, that feeling of you can’t move as well as you use too. If you haven’t trust me you will. The feeling I’m describing is called osteoarthritis or just arthritis.

It is a functional impairment that increases with age, so I must educate all of the Man of Health members. 

I’m going to discuss:

  • What is osteoarthritis
  • Who is at risk for osteoarthritis
  • What are the symptoms?
  • What’s your treatment options (pharmaceutical and non medicine) Surgical options?
  • What alternative medications can help?
    How Man of Health can help?

What is osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis .This functional impairment disease (affects your movements) increases with age, so the older you get the higher the chance is you suffer from osteoarthritis. 70% of people over the age of 40 suffer from osteoarthritis.

In osteoarthritis there is damage to the cartilage between joints. Cartilage helps protect the joints from rubbing together. In osteoarthritis this cartilage is damaged to the point that joints rub together which causes pain.

Think of your joints as two stones with a piece of cushion (cartilage) in between them. The cushion helps protect the stones from running together. When the cushion (cartilage) becomes damaged the stones rub together. This rubbing process is what causes inflammation and pain in your joints.


Who is at risk for osteoarthritis?

  • Age over 50 (over time joint cartilage wears out)
  • Obesity ( This increases the amount of pressure on joints which increases the amount of pressure on cartilage)
  • Prior joint problem: ( damage to the joint or cartilage increases the chance of arthritis)
    Impact activities (sports and jobs that require squatting).

What are the symptoms?

One of the main symptoms of osteoarthritis is pain in your knee, hip, wrist or shoulder that is worse in the morning and improves with rest.

Usually the pain lasts for less than an hour, in the beginning stages of arthritis. If not treated osteoarthritis can produce pain that lasts longer.

People with osteoarthritis usually have no systemic problems (fever, rash, or weight loss).

The pain is usually only in one joint at a time. There may be muscle spasms involved around or near the affected joint.


What’s your treatment options?

  • Reduce your weight.

Reducing your weight will help decrease the amount of pressure beings applied to the damaged cartilage. Losing between 10-15 lbs can help decrease pain.


  • Physical Therapy:
    Learning how to move can help decrease the chances of further damage to the joint.

  • Physiotherapy:

Hot and cold therapy can help decrease the inflammation and pain involved with osteoarthritis.


  • Exercises:

Do not exercise when the joint is inflamed or painful. Swimming has shown to be highly effective with osteoarthritis.


  • Pharmaceutical:

Topical agents like diclofenac, has been shown to be just as effective as oral NSAIDs without some of the risks.

Talk to your provider before taking any medications


  • Joint injections:
    Usually given 3-4 times a year. An injection is given straight into the joint to help alleviate pain. Usually a numbing agent and steroid.

Synvisc: an injection done in the knee to help provide lubrication inside the joints. This injection typically lasts about 6 months.


  • Joint replacement is the last resort for people who have tried all of the above options. Joint replacemt can cost up to 55000 without insurance and up to 6000 with insurance.

This does not include the 6 week rehab needed after a major surgery.


There are surgeons and providers who are offering stem cell injections. Stem cell injections can either be gathered from your bone marrow which starts at 5000 an injection. Stem cell injections can be platelet focused which comes from your own blood draw. The blood is drawn separated in a special machine an injected in the knee which can cost anywhere from 800-1200 an injection.


How can Man of Health help?

Here at Man of Health we believe in delivering knowledge and affordable care. This is why I am in the process of starting my own Man of Health Treatment Day. I will be delivering PRP injections (platelet derived) and treatment Workshops to clients exclusively on a first come basis.

The reason why this is for exclusive members is because I will be ordering specifically the products I need to do the injections. Other providers who charge you to do this injection is charging you for overhead. They are charging you for their time. I believe in delivering high quality cost effective treatment.

The plan will be open to 30 clients. I will be setting the treatment workshop up soon.


The plan will include a day of teaching about osteoarthritis and the benefits of the injection and personal one on one evaluation.

The next day will include the procedure. Each procedure will include 3 follow up appoints online. And discount on any future injections if needed. These clients will have personal contact with me and my staff. Each client will receive discounts and VIP membership for the Man of Health Pocket Clinic. 


Why choose Man of Health because I believe that your health should be delivered your way. Not many providers are going to set up a day of education and one on one evaluation before the procedure.


I have been certified to do these procedures. I am only doing 30 people. This gives you an opportunity to discuss your treatment and recovery with 30 other people building a support group. I am also offering discounts on other procedures if needed.


Cost: while other providers are charging 800-1200 for the exact same procedure. We are charging 500-650. I’m not going to charge you for my time. This is truly meant to help. If only 5 people show up. I’m going to give those 5 people my all.


Personalized care for you.


Do not let a provider charge you 800-1200 for these injections to turn around and tell you 3 months later you need the surgery. If I do not think this procedure will benefit you I will not do it. You will receive your money back. 


If interested in the Man of Health Treatment Day. Sign up below. Since I will be delivering this service at such a low price there are limited seats.

I recommend reserving your spot which is totally free.

In the form below type your name and email and type "Treatment Workshop". I will get in contact with you ASAP.

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