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We all tell ourselves this year is going to be our year, but do we truly believe it.

I’ve heard a lot of people say this year is the year I: lose weight, save money, go on vacations, start a dream, but most never come close to completing their goal.

It made me wonder; Why do must people fail at achieving whatever they aim for. In this quick read I’m going to tell you why most fail, and how you can make 2022 your best year ever.

Why do People Fail?

To know how to succeed, you must know why you fail.

1. Lack of Persistence: Most people aren’t persistent enough. They quit as soon as they face adversity. I believe people lack persistence because they leave themselves options. If you leave yourself no option you must succeed. Failure is not an option.

2. Too Many Excuses: People fail because they love to make excuses. Most people generate excuses before they even attempt anything difficult. They love to say I can’t or I don’t want that. Eliminate excuses because no one cares.

3. No Discipline: Many people have no discipline. They cannot go through temporary pain or discomfort. Most people cannot stop doing certain things even if it hurts them or their goals. They have no will power. If you want to be successful you have to have discipline.

4. Know you Why: I put this number 4, but for me this is number one. When you know your why you have a reason to do what must be done. Having a great “why” helps alleviate numbers 1-3.

5. Being Too Comfortable: Most of us become comfortable. We stop trying to improve ourselves. I believe this is a big mistake. We are meant to grow.

Ok so we covered the reasons why people are not successful, so how do you become successful. How do you make 2022 your best year?

It’s pretty simple do the opposite of what failing people do.

1. Be Persistent: When you claim your goal or dream: NEVER STOP UNTIL ITS ACHIEVED. Be persistent while being consistent.. Show up on time, do the work that’s required daily. Put the effort in everyday.

2. No BS Excuses: No one wants to hear your excuses. We all have problems in our lives, so what makes your problems bigger than mine. Yes the world is not fair, but complaining is not going to change anything. Be successful no more excuses.

3. Manifest Daily: You have to plant the seed in your head before it becomes a tree. The only way to plant a seed is to see it everyday. You want to manifest: Manifesting is not just saying you have something. It’s feeling you have it and believing that your dream is already in your possession.

4. Be Discipline: Being discipline means to know the importance of what your trying to achieve, and doing nothing that could ruin it’s success. If you want to lose weight; You have to be disciplined enough to avoid fast food restaurants.

5. Know your Why and Keep them Close: Whatever or whomever your why is keep this close. This could mean thinking of them when times get hard, or calling them when needed.

6. Make yourself Uncomfortable: Growth and Success are painful. You cannot achieve anything without being uncomfortable. Most creative ideas or created when people become uncomfortable.

7. Pray: Prayer helps. Doing everything humanly possible is great, but I believe you must have unseen forces on your side. You should pray for the things you already have also. Being grateful can help you move mountains.

These 7 steps will help you make your 2022 your best year ever.