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How to Guide: Best Sex as you Age: The Joy and Overcoming the Challenges

Yes men we age… but lets be honest we never stop wanting sex.

Yes our libido (sex drive) may decrease a little but we still have that urge to do the bedroom boogie.

So in this article I’m going to discuss: 

  • The Changes our Body goes through sexually as we age.

  • The Benefits of Sex as we age.

  • The Challenges we face as we age.

  • What we can do to have The Best Sex as We Age.


Let’s Get Started..


The Changes:

As we age our body does not keep that same pep to our step as we had in our 20s.

We as men may find that we have a problem getting an erection or maintaining an erection. 

This is a problem known as Erectile Dysfunction (ED). 

I have an ARTICLE HERE which discusses ED.

We may also have a decrease in libido (sex drive). This problem can arise from psychological issues or a drop in testosterone.

These things can be a normal part of aging, or they can be related to underlying issues. If it is an underlying issue make sure to discuss those issues with your provider.



The Benefits of Sex as we age:

Let’s be honest sex is the best cardio you can do. Men burn an average of 101 calories during a 30 minute session of the bedroom boogie.  

Aging can also come with the extra benefit of maintaining an erection longer.

Sex improves your mental and physical health. It has been shown that a good sex life improves your lifespan.



The Challenges we Face:

  • Arthritis– Arthritis is an issue that effects men older men. Arthritis is pain in joints that can make sex a very painful event. If a man suffers from back pain I would recommend having sex in a side to side position. This position would avoid putting pressure on the back. Another position is face to face on your sides. This position keeps the intimacy and helps with back and hip pain. If a man has knee pain he may want to try a position which places his partner on top.


  • Diabetes: Men with diabetes can suffer from erectile dysfunction. It is important not only for your health but also your sex life to manage your diabetes. Talk to your provider to get your diabetes under control.

  • Heart Issues: It is vital to check with your doctor to ensure that your heart is healthy enough to have sex.
* Typically following a heart attack 3-4 weeks are needed before you can resume sexual activity. Make sure to check with your provider.


  • Bladder Incontinence:-Bladder incontinence is the problem of leaking urine. Sex can cause pressure on the bladder which can cause urine to leak. There are treatment options to help with this problem. Some treatment options include Kegel exercises, decreasing caffeine, and  stopping certain medications.

  • Stroke: Sex following a stroke can be done, but will take effective communication. If you have lost feeling in a certain area of your body. You need to communicate this to his partner. Your job is to explain to your partner exactly what they should do. 
* The best sexual position after a stroke that affects one side of the body may be missionaries, side by side, or partner on top.


Remember that we are blessed to age but we must be prepared to face the problems aging presents when it comes to sex. 


Sexual Health is one of the pillars of being a Man of Heath.

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