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Man of Health Hall of Fame Inductee: Bony to Beastly


Today I want to shine some light on the guys from Bony to Beastly. Shane Duquette and his partners Marco Walker and Jared Polowick are hall of fame Inductees because they answered a problem that a lot men have, especially me.

These guys answered the question how do I go from a stick figure to actually having some muscle on my body. These three guys started a top ranked Mens health blog that addresses how to go from “Bony to “Beastly”.


Shane Duquette has co authored several books and is an editor for the blog site Bony to Beastly. Most of Shane’s books focus on how skinny guys can bulk up.

I’m wondering where were these books in high school 145 lb soaking wet guy here, but Shane I’m not gone hold it against you. Shane has been referenced. Medical News and Psychology Today.

Shane was so successful and turning skinny guys into beastly men, that he had to create a new blog and website that focused on intermediate beast. The new blog and website is Outlift. Outlift focuses on the guy who is pass his “skinny” level and is a medium beast with hopes of becoming a full out beast.


Marco Walker has all of the degrees to back up what he preaches and he lives it. He and Shane are together on there journey to make skinny men into beasts.

Marco is the science and strength coach behind Boney to Beastly. He is the co-author of two books with Shane. He also writes for their blog site outlive.


Jared Polowick is living proof of the benefits of their program. Jared fell in love with lifting after being plagued with tendonitis. He was able to gain 40 lbs of muscle with their programs.

He currently is co-authors with Shane and Marco on their blog sites.


They have created programs that have created results. These guys truly live the life they preache and for that we at Man of Health honor you guys in becoming Hall of Famers.


Check out there articles and programs.

Bony to Beastly:



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