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Finding your Definite Purpose. How it can improve your life.


What is a definiteness of purpose?

Definiteness of purpose is a term created by Dr. Napoleon Hill. He created this term while working with Andrew Carnegie. Andrew Carnegie is a man who had a net worth of approximately 450 million in the 1910s, which would be around 300-400 billion today.

Dr. Hill worked with Mr. Carnegie to create principles from the most successful people of the time. One of Napoleon Hill’s first principles was Definiteness of Purpose.

Dr. Hill believed all successful people must have a true purpose. Definiteness of Purpose means you know what you want and have a burning desire and passion for it. He believed truly successful people create a definite purpose and push towards it for a lifetime. He believed once you find your Definiteness of Purpose you must create a plan to achieve it.

Dr. Hill believed having a definite major purpose helps you grow as an individual. It helps you become more self-reliant, more creative, and more self-disciplined.



How to determine if your major purpose is major?

  • Your major purpose should take time to achieve. It should not be achievable in 6 months. Remember you major purpose is why you are on this earth.
  • Your major purpose should be on your mind daily. Every action you make should get you closer to your major purpose. Every moment you are on this earth should aim towards hitting your major purpose.

Should your major purpose in life be so specific that it has no “wiggle room”?

You do want your major purpose to be specific, but it is ok to change things while on your journey. Remember you can change the route but never change the destination.



How can I think of my create my definite purpose?

Ask yourself a few questions to determine your major purpose:

  • If you knew no matter what you did , you would be successful. What would you do?
  • What would you want to do if you had unlimited resources, unlimited time, and guaranteed success?
  • What is something you have a passion for and could see yourself doing everyday?

Remember a definite of purpose guides you. It should become an obsession I truly believe having a purpose for your life focuses you. Now that you know how to create a definite of purpose go an achieve your goals.