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DISC Assessment

How the DISC Assessment can change your life? Take it Free!


Hello everyone I’m here to write about a personality test that has blown my mind.


I know what you guys are thinking another one of these personality test that truly do not carry any weight, but I’m here to tell you that this test has evidence behind it.


In this article I’m going to discuss:

  • History of the DISC ASSESSMENT.
  • What is the DISC ASSESSMENT?
  • What are the 4 personality types of the DiSc assessment?
  • How can you use this information going forward?
  • How does this relate to Man of Health?



The Personality Test that has blown my mind is the DISC Assessment. Elements of the DISC Assessment has been around since 400 B.c.. Yes the DISC Assessment began with elements of Empodocles Fire, Earth, Water, and Air.

The Assessment officially became known as the DiSC assessment in 1928. Dr William Moulton Marston is known as the father of this personality test. Marston is also the guy who has been credited for the first lie detector test. Marston published a famous boom called Emotions of Normal People, so we can say Marston was an expert on people’s emotions and personalities.

Dr. Walter Clark’s helped shaped the DiSC assessment into a personality test in the 1950s.


What is DISC Assessment?

The DISC Assessment is a personality test that is based on the four dominant personality types: Dominance, Influence, Sincerity, Competency

The DISC Assessment is used by businesses, schools, and couples. The Personality test can be used anyone looking to improve their teamwork, communication, and productivity.


What are the 4 Types of Personalities in a DISC Assessment?

  • Dominance: These type of people place emphasis on bottom line. They are results driven. They come off as direct and decisive. They tend to be fast paced. Motivated by power and authority.

D people tend to need results to feel as though a job is well done. They love personal freedom and calling the shots.

D people tend to fear losing control and being taken advantage of. D people live by I’m not playing if I cannot win the game. They tend to hate participation trophies.


  • Influence: These type of people tend to be more open and emphasize relationships and influencing others.

I people tend to be charming and enthusiastic. They can energize a room and tend to be the life of the party. You can always trust an I person.

I people are motivated by social recognition. They make great coaches and counselors. I people fear social rejection and loss of influence. They hate being ignored. I people believe that whoever is happy makes other people happy.


  • Sincerity: These people are the most dependable. Cooperation is very important to them. S people are calm and always patient with people. They are very predictable, loyal, and passive.

S people love opportunities to help others. They are the first to volunteer for the team.

S people love security and harmony. S people fear loss of stability and offending other people. S people live by teamwork makes the dream work.


  • Competency: These people believe in quality and accuracy. They are usually experts in their field and pay attention to details. They tend to cautious and private.

C people are analytical, reserved, and accurate. C people love to learn and gain knowledge. They love to show their quality of work.

C people hate criticism and being wrong. They do not like sloppy work. C people live by measure twice and cut once.

You have to remember that you can have more than one personality but usually one is dominant. Always remember that no one personality is better than the other.


How can you use this information going forward?

When you get the information from our DISC Assessment use it to learn yourself. Learn what traits you are reflecting to the world. Learn what traits are your weakness.

If you are in a relationship have them take the test so that you can know exactly their personality type and how you guys can improve on communication and teamwork.

If you are a student or searching for a job learn what jobs may fit you better. If you have any of the certain DISC personality traits their are jobs that fit you specifically.



How does this relate to Man of Health?

I know what your thinking here goes the sale.

Nope I am a true believer of this test and I have personally studied each personalty. I have gathered information and I am going to send it to you free.

There will be no pitch to buy anything. No books or courses to take just a free report that is much deeper than this post.


So take the simple DiSC assessment down below and I will let you know how your letter affects you pillars of health

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