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Eric Thomas (E.T.)

Man of Health: Hall of Fame Inductee: Dr Eric Thomas (E.T.)

Gentleman I want to induct another man into the Man of Health Hall of Fame.

This time around were going to induct a Man who has dedicated his life to spiritual health. Dr. Eric Thomas aka ET.

Dr. Eric Thomas has created a following of men and women across social media with 1+ million followers on his Youtube channel:

He has a following on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media outlets. 

Early Life:

Dr. Thomas was raised in Detroit and became homeless. He was born to a teenage mother and did not have relationship with his father. E.T. dropped out of high school and did not have plans to attend college early in his life.  E.T. met a preacher who eventually inspired him to finish school. E.T. took twelve years to obtain a Bachelors degree. 


E.T. eventually finished his bachelors degree at Oakwood University in Alabama. 

E.T. also found the love of his life while in Oakwood University is wife De-De. The two eventually moved back to Michigan. 

E.T. enrolled in Michigan State University an obtained his Master’s Degree and PhD. in education. 

Dr. Thomas also created programs to help underprivileged youth. 

He is the number one motivation speaker in the world.

He has written 4 books:

The Secret to Success:

Greatness is Upon You: Laying the Foundation

Average Skill Phenomenal Will:

You Ain’t the Boss of Me.

A book mostly for corporate businesses. 

You can find Dr. Eric Thomas best work on YouTube free. He post weekly videos that can be used to improve your spiritual health. 

E.T.’s YouTube Page.

We truly thank- you ET for helping men and women improve their spiritual health and for that I want to introduce you to the Man of Health Hall of Fame.