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What is a Health Hustler?

The word Hustler usually has bad a rep. 

When we think of hustlers we think of fraudulent and corrupt people.

The definition of Hustler according to Merriam-Webster is, “One who obtains money by fraud or deceit: scammer or swindler.”

So why would we want to brand Man of Health members as health hustlers, because we have a different outlook and view on hustlers.


Our view on Health Hustlers: 

We believe health hustlers are people who will do whatever it takes to become or remain healthy; spiritually, mentally, physically, and sexually. 




What makes a Health Hustler? 

  • Health Hustlers do not care if they can afford a gym membership. They will do pushups on the ground.
  • A Health Hustler knows mental health is one of the most important pillars, so he/she takes the time  to improve their mental health. They have counselors so they can discuss their mental health.
  • Health Hustlers are not ashamed to express their feelings.
  • A Health Hustler is connected spiritually to the world.
  • A Health Hustler is full of positive energy and delivers this energy to the world.
  • A Health Hustler is and will always be healthy sexually. A Health Hustler gets tested frequently, practices safe sex, and remains educated on their body. Most importantly a Health Hustler delivers satisfaction to their partner.

In the Man of Health world, we all strive to be the best Hustlers we can be. 

We strive to be Health Hustlers and we display it pridefully.

So please join us in becoming hustlers, Health Hustlers.