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Man of Health Tips: Get your Bloodwork Done without a Doctor’s Visit.

Have you ever needed some bloodwork done. I mean just the bloodwork. What do you usually do?

Set a doctor’s appointment.,

Get ready

Head to the doctor’s office

Then it begins…

You sit in the waiting room and begin to Wait Wait Wait and guess what you Wait some more. Until finally it’s your turn. You talk to the nurse and you let them know your only there to get your bloodwork. You think saying this may allow you to skip the line, but it doesn’t.

They put you in another room to wait some more. Your doctor finally comes in checks your chart then says, “Hey your only here for bloodwork”. I will get the nurse to come and get you to take you to the lab (if they have an in office lab”). They draw your blood and it only took 2-3 hours of your day.

What if I told you there was a much easier way of getting routine bloodwork drawn without the long waits and the inconvenience. offers 500+ lab tests online with no need for a doctor or insurance. You can get bloodwork done on a multitude of health issues:

STD checks: privacy and convenience
Drug testing
Hormone testing
Allergy testing
Sports testing
Cardiac health and more


How does Healthlabs work?

  1. You order a lab test.
  2. Visit a testing center (There’s 4000 testing center).
  3. Get your results in 1-3 days

What’s the Benefit of this type of lab testing?

  • It’s cheaper: Most doctors charge you for their service and the visit. Your skipping the visit and that cost.
  • No insurance: With insurance payments you can have a simpler testing process. You can test when and where you want.
  • After you purchase through healthlabs, you DO NOT need an appointment for your lab test. You walk in anytime.
  • Immediate testing: once you pay you can immediately test.


What makes healthlabs so good?

I like them because they offer a 110% price guarantee. If you can find a better price then theirs they will give you the competitors price plus another 10% off. They even have health specialist who can discuss your results. is great for people who want to take control of their health back. It’s great for people who need testing immediately (STD and drug screens). It’s great because you can test as often as you like.

If your interested in using click the link below for a special offer.