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Men's Holiday Guide

Top 3. Man of Health’s Ultimate Guide to the Holidays.

Yes people it’s fall time or of my favorite times of the year. We have holidays galore. We have Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all coming up. Let’s remember this is a great time for a Man of Health because it allows of us to feed one of our pillars of health, our spiritual health.


Our spiritual health can feast during the holidays because it is a time for us to be around the people we love and to actually have fun. It is also good for our mental health to be amongst the people we love, but remember let fall time feed your Mental and Physical health but not to the detriment of your physical health.


Remember that the holidays can be a time when we pig out. I’m not going to lie these 3 holidays had to be created while someone was hungry.


I recommend having partial servings of each of the foods you love. I call it fixing a “kids plate”. I also try to drink 2 liters of water before the food and treats are started. This helps me fill my stomach and my bladder lol. If your in the bathroom you can’t be in the kitchen lol.


Man of Health’s 3 Recommendations for each Holiday. 


1. When it comes to my sweet tooth doing Halloween I always scavenge my way through my kids trick or treat bags. (Remember us parents have to “check” the candy lol). I pick out 14 pieces of candy and I treat myself to 2 a day. This gives me a goal and a treat after a long day.


2. When it comes to Thanksgiving I usually fast for 20 hours and eat for a 4 hour window. I don’t pig out doing that 4 hour window I fix my plates with appropriate portions (kids plate) and I have my desert and I’m done. I drink water doing my 20 hour fast.


3. When it comes to Christmas I do the same thing as Thanksgiving but I extend my eating window to 8 hours and fast for 16 hours. This allows me to have breakfast with the family in the morning when we open up gifts.





Doing the holidays I surround myself with the people I love and the people that love me. Remember positive vibes only. I scream and laugh with my wife and kids during Halloween. I eat good with all my family members when it’s time to eat on Thanksgiving. I open presents and put smile from ear to ear with my wife and kids during Christmas.

A Man of Health is taking the journey for his family so we must remember that doing the holidays it is time to focus on your spiritual health. Enjoy them soak it all in. Even if you do gain some holiday pounds remember that holidays pounds could be worth it to start your new year with a spiritual health on 100%.



Here is a great link for 12 extra tips for holiday eating from the Harvard Health Publishing 


Have a Great Holiday Season from Man of Health!!!