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How to become a Hall of Fame Inductee & win $300 + prizes?


I know you guys have noticed a few guys who have been inducted into the MOH hall of fame, but I have started a process to recognize man of health members who are taking this journey.


So what does that mean for you guys.

We are starting a ranking system think of it as a leaderboard. Every month I will take a look at member engagement through the website, blog, Facebook page, and private group.

There will be a point system based on comments. Any time you bring something positive to a conversation point will be given.


  • Every post that is shared points.
  • Every purchase of a supplement, fitness plan, course, and consultation will get you points.
  • Every goal shout out you do, fitness progress photo, anything related to man of health will get you points.


I will post leaderboard champions weekly.


At the end of the month the winner will receive a free gift card, man of health supplement, free consultation, fitness plan, or merchandise.


At the end of the 3 months I will tally up the winner and this person will be inducted into the Man of health Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame Inductee will receive a trophy and the grand prize. The grand prize includes: Man of Health Journey Pack Supplement, complementary gameplan, & 300 dollars visa gift card.


No entry fee this is coming out of my pocket guys because I’m serious about Man of Health.


All I need to get this started is at least 50 participants.


If the participants are reached I will post a link with all the participants and weekly updates


Lets Get Started People Y’all come get healthy and Take my Money



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