How to Properly Administer your Testosterone Dose

Welcome and Congrats on Taking the Next Big Step in becoming a BETTER YOU.

Below you will follow some simple instructions on how to inject your first dose:

1.   First, gather all the materials you will need.

•    Alcohol pads

•    A 3ml syringe with or without a needle already attached

•    A large-bore 18-gauge needle to draw the medication out of the vial

   •  A small-bore needle, either 21-gauge in a green package or 23-gauge                     in a blue package to inject the medication

•    Medication bottle

•     A container to dispose of the needles

•      Adhesive bandage

2.                 Wash your hands.

3.                  Remove the cover from the medication bottle.

4.                  Sterilize the medication bottle by wiping with an alcohol pad.

5.                  Remove the syringe from the sterile package and place on a ˜at surface. Do not touch   the tip of the syringe. (If there is an 18-gauge needle already attached to the syringe  proceed to step 7. If there is a smaller needle attached to the syringe, remove the needle by using a counterclockwise twisting motion and place the needle on a ˜at surface).

6.   Remove the large-bore 18-gauge needle from the wrapper and attach to the end       of the syringe using a twisting movement. Do not touch the end of the needle that attaches  to the syringe.  tip of the syringe and the end of the needle that attaches to the syringe must be kept clean and should not be touched.

7.   Pull the plunger on the syringe back to draw the amount of your dosage *ex: 0.5ml (50 units) of air into the syringe.

8.    Remove the needle cap, insert the needle into the medication bottle, and turn the vial with needle inserted upside down.

9.   Inject air into the medication bottle, and then pull the needle back so that the tip of the  needle remains below the level of fluid in the vial.

10. Slowly pull back on the plunger to draw the medication into the syringe. If an air bubble comes into the syringe, push the medication back into the medication bottle and reposition  the needle. Draw the medication into the syringe when the needle is in the correct position.

11. Pull the needle out and put the medication bottle down. Recap the needle.

12. Remove the large-bore needle from the syringe with a counterclockwise twisting movement and attach the smaller needle with a twisting clockwise movement. You may have a 25-gauge needle or a 27-gauge needle.


13. Sit in a comfortable position. Choose an injection site in the middle third of the thigh on the lateral half. Never inject on the inner thigh where there are important blood vessels and nerves. Cleanse your skin at the chosen injection site thoroughly with an alcohol pad.

14. Remove the cap of the needle. Using your non-writing hand, spread the skin between  your thumb and index finger so that the skin is tight.

15. With a continuous movement, insert the needle all the way into the thigh muscle,   perpendicular, or at a 90-degree angle, to the thigh.

16. Draw back the plunger. If you see blood coming into the syringe, reposition the needle  by pulling the syringe back slightly being careful not to pull it completely out. Only inject the medication into the muscle when there is no blood coming into the syringe. Slowly push on the plunger to administer the medication. Testosterone is very thick, and you will have to apply enough pressure on the plunger to inject the medication  into the muscle. It is normal for the medication to go in very slowly.

17. Once the syringe is empty, withdraw the needle from your thigh and rub the injection site gently with an alcohol pad. Apply an adhesive bandage if there is any bleeding.

18. Discard the needles in the sharps container provided.



If you have any questions regarding injection please contact the clinic at 770-618-9600 Before injection. If any issues arise after injection report to urgent care ASAP.