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Man of Health: Goal Shout-out & Manifestation Board!!!


Hello to all of the Men of Health.


Today’s post will be the start of a new idea. I spoke to some of the members of Man of Health, and they let me know that we should start a Goal Shout out and a Manifestation Board.


I truly believe in Man of Health and I believe that this website is here to educate and uplift men who are choosing to become better version of themselves; mentally, physically, spiritually, and sexually.


I decided to have an open forum where anyone can state a goal that has been achieved and one that is being worked on.



This goal to be achieved can be anything.

Lose 3 lbs, not to curse, to have a date out with a loved one, to pay your bills on time, or to do 10 pushups. It can be big or small.



The goal achieved is a way to show that you created a goal and accomplished it. Again it can be a big goal or a small goal. Remember small steps equal progress.

Walked 1 mile, Cooked a healthy meal, started school, saved 100 dollars, whatever you choose.



What are your long term goals?

I believe that having it posted and having positive people support you can help push you towards your manifestation.

Remember that this is a positive place only. Of you are not adding to the positivity please do not comment. Positive vibes only. Any rude comments may cause you to be banned.


I will go first guys:


To publish great content 3 times a day.
To put on 3 lbs of muscle



Created my own personal fitness plan
Enjoyed great time with family



I will create Man of health into one of the top men’s health websites



So in the comment section below list some of your goals and manifest them into reality. You may meet a Man of Health member that can help you.



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