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The ultimate man of health guide

The Ultimate Guide to changing your health life: The Man of Health Principles

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In this post we will discuss and lay the foundation on exactly what it means to be a Man of Health.

 We will discuss what made me create Man of Health and what are the 4 pillars of health.

I will give you step by step instructions on what you should do to take control of your own health. 

I truly believe that a Man of Health shapes his own health legacy.

We must remember that our health legacy not only affects us but everyone else that we care for.



Let’s Begin.


What is a Man of Health?

A Man of Health is a man that has taken control of his own health. He coordinates with his health providers (Dr. or NP) to be as healthy as possible. He does not simply follow the directions of the provider but is an active participant. He knows his body and the disease process of any issue he is having.

He takes advice from his provider and asks the right questions. A Man of health believes in preventing health issues before they arrive. He participates in preventative health.

A Man of Health places an emphasis on all 4 Man of Health pillars: Mental, Spiritual, Physical, & Sexual pillars.



What are the 4 Man of Health pillars?

The 4 pillars of health are; Mental, Spiritual, Physical, & Sexual. 

These are the 4 pillars of health according to us. The order of the pillars can be different for each individual.

I believe if I was starting a man on his journey to become a Man of Health.  I would place the pillars  in this order; Mental, Spiritual, Physical, and than Sexual.


Mental health

I believe a man needs to be healthy mentally first. Mental health affects how we think, feel, and act. I see mental health like a battery in a car. If someone’s mental health is “unhealthy” that person will have a hard time performing anything correctly. There will be no energy to perform. When something is wrong with an individual I always ensure there mental health is ok first.


Spiritual health

Spiritual health gives us our sense of self. It is a core health that is made up of different systems. I believe spiritual health is like the engine of car. An engine is made up of different parts and so is your spiritual health. A person needs to be healthy in 3 core areas of spiritual health; faith, principles, and beliefs. Spiritual health gives people there motivation. An unmotivated person cannot become or remain healthy. If you can figure out an individuals “Why”  you can motivate them spiritually. 


Physical Health

Physical health is the frame of the car. Most people see the frame of any vehicle and try to determine value, but experts know that you must dig deeper. Many fitness people try to claim “health” by improving your physical health when that’s just one pillar to correct. Don’t get me wrong your physical health is just as important as the other pillars but it should not be your first pillar. 

Your physical health must be corrected because an unhealthy physical body can cause you harm. Think about a car that has been hit. The frame of the car can be damaged to the point that the care becomes undriveable. 

The same thing can occur in physical health if you do not maintain your body. Chronic diseases like  diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity can damage your physical body to the point that it becomes unliveable.


What can Man of Health do?

At Man of health we offer free education in the form of our blogs, presentations, surveys, quizzes, and videos. 

We believe that educating you can make you an active participant in your health. Remember your provider should be working with you. He or She should be valuing your opinion so please become educated. 

We also offer fitness plans and supplements that we believe in coordination with your provider can help improve your physical health. 

Lastly but best of all we provide health Gameplans. Our health Gameplans take into account each pillar of health. We have online meetings & surveys that tackle each pillar. After each discussion I send you weekly information regarding that specific pillar. I get feedback and adjust if needed.

Any pillar that needs help we create a personalized gameplan. I help craft questions for you to ask your provider. I offer you free workout videos and progress updates. We work together to help improve your overall health.

I will let you know at the beginning if I cannot help you. This is why the first consult is 100% free. I will not charge you if I cannot help you. I will still add you to our email and text rotation so that you can receive our exclusive information because we’re here to help. 

Remember that Man of Health is a community so you can become connected to other members who are trying to improve their pillars. This is optional if you prefer that we work privately it can be done the option is yours.

I hope that I have done a good job educating everyone on: 

  • What is a Man of Health. 
  • What are the 4 pillars of health. 
  • How Man of Health can improve your health issues.


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