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Top 8 Ways to Manifest

Top 8 ways to Manifest your Dreams into Reality

Learn how to Manifest your Dreams into Reality. Lets get started. 

I know by now everyone has heard the old saying: If you dream it you can achieve it. 

But what exactly does that mean?

I like to use the word Manifest instead of dream. Some people use the word dream and manifest as if there the same but to me the words have totally different meanings.

When a person dreams, they literally can dream about anything. There is no purpose or direction to that dream.



Manifestation is purposeful, guided, and focused. A person who is manifesting guides their dreams toward a goal. They focus on an object and mentally claim that object. 

They speak as though the object is already in their possession.

People who dream about something they want never mentally claim the object. They never live as though the item is already theirs.

 I am going to tell you the top 8 ways to Manifest your dreams into reality.


I will share one of my personal goals.

  1. Gratitude: Be appreciative of what you have at the beginning of your journey. You must first be thankful for the things that have been provided. You cannot manifest anything without being gracious. Appreciation creates more opportunities for manifestation.

Ex: I am truly thankful for all that has been given, I will do my best to share what I already have. 



  1. Identify: The next step is to know exactly what you want. The universe can not create a way for you to obtain it if you can not identify it yourself.

Have a set goal in mind. 

Ex: I want to make 35,000 a month



  1. Be specific/Time Frame: To be specific it must have a time frame. It can be a short term or long term. 

Ex: I want to save 5,000 before Christmas.

Time Frame: It has to have a time frame. When you create a time frame you actually give yourself a deadline. I believe this puts pressure on you to make your manifestation come true. 

It can be a long term manifestation but it needs a time frame.

Ex: I want to make 35,000 a month by the age of 35.



4. Imagine: This may be hard for you at first, but imagine that you have already accomplish your goal. Visualize that scale, visualize that bank account, visualize that new job. 

Imagine that the universe has already given it to you.

Ex: I want to make 35000 a month by 35 years of age and I can already see this money in my account.



5. Obsess: This is when you obsess about your goal. You need to focus and lock in on ways to obtain that goal. Strategize and organize. You should dream about your goal and discuss your goals with people who can hold you accountable. 

Some people make the mistake of keeping their goals to themselves, which I believe causes failure. Whoever is in your trust circle tell them your huge goal and tell them to keep you accountable. 

Share in the goal.

Ex: My wife knows my goal of 35 by 5. She is planning and a big part of us both trying to obtain this goal together.


Teamwork makes the manifestation work….not the same rhyme but you get it.



6. Positive vibes only: This is a key to manifesting, positive energy attracts positivity. You must keep a positive mindset to achieve your goal. Do not let negative people affect your energy. If they do not have anything positive to say ignore it. If it does not bring positive energy kick it out the door. 

Ex: If anyone tells me I’m dreaming to big I ignore them. If I feel down on myself I do something that I enjoy. I consider myself a very driven person and I love to have my family relax my mind sometimes. 

Remember positive vibes only.



7. Release the Past: Do not let your past or your past mistakes haunt you. You are not your mistakes they were growing moments. 

Do not focus on your past environment, you are not a product of your environment. You can make it. A mistake is just a bump in the road to your goal. Do not focus on anything from your past that does not push you toward your goal.

Ex: I am from a small poor town of less than 1000 people, but I love that town because it made me who I am. I respect where I am from but I rather visit than stay.



8. Dream Huge: Do not think that your asking for to much,  YOUR NOT. 

You can have nice things you deserve those nice things. Manifest big dreams for yourself. If you only manifest small things you will only be given what you asked for. I am spiritual and I do believe in a higher being so I will leave this scripture here to those who care to read. 

“I tell you the Truth, If ye have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, move from here to there: And it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” Matthew 17:20

Ex: I am asking for 35000 by 35 years of age but it’s only my short term goal.




Remember manifestation is guided and focused dreaming. Manifestation is visualizing that you already achieved your goal.

  1. Show gratitude
  2. Identify your goal
  3. Be specific with your goal and set a timeframe.
  4. Imagine that your goal is achieved
  5. Obsess about your goals
  6. Positive vibes only, no negative energy
  7. Release the past
  8. Dream Big

Now Manifest your dreams EVERYDAY!!!!!!


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