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Man of Health Journey: Chapter 5 Another Year Another Step.

Yes people time for another update on my Man of Heath Journey.

Chapter 5 begins with a Happy Birthday to Me. I just turned 31, but I swear I live the life of a 51 year old.

I celebrated by having a staycation with my family. My wife surprised me with Kobe Bryant themed gifts and a great foot massager.

She knows exactly what I truly need.



Did I achieve my old goals?

When it comes to my February goals, I achieved the most important one. I spent time with my family after the birth of my baby daughter. I was able to take 18 days off and I relaxed and spent time with them.

I started my workout routine. The routine incorporates the gym and home workouts. It’s great because I am able to do the home workouts while I watch my daughter (usually around 3:30 in the morning).

Another goal I had was to grow our Facebook presence. The Man of Heath Facebook page has 500+ likes and our private page has 60+ members. Hey it’s slow growth, but it is growth. I was able to release The Ultimate Guide to Improving your 4 Pillars of Health.


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I did not get part time job. I am a little disappointed, but everything happens for a reason. I know the perfect job is on its way. Plus I was able to work on Man of Health.


Now that we have covered last months journey path. Let’s discuss this month’s path.




As always I am inspired by my family. I’ve also started to do affirmations everyday. Hey if you believe it, you can achieve it. I am putting daily affirmations in my head until I believe each one. I always listen to motivational speeches when I’m driving my truck. These speeches seem to keep me focused and lift my spirit.



Husband & Dad Corner:

I already know I am blessed to be a father and husband, but the things my wife and kids do for me are beyond amazing. I had an amazing birthday celebration.

I’ve been a new girl dad for one month, and it is amazing. I can feel the warm place in my heart glow every time I hold her.

We have begun to plan or trips for the summer. We are hoping things improve with covid-19, so we can give our kids a break. We will make sure to remain safe during our journeys (safe distancing and masks at all times).



Goals for the Month:

  • Have great communication with my wife and kids.
  • Start the house buying journey with my wife
  • Enjoy my wife (house dates)
  • Man of Health (700+ likes)
  • Man of Health Group (100 members)
  • Man of Health Tees (Sell 10+ items)
  • Start Man of Health Supplements

What am I reading?

I have not been reading much. I have been listening to motivational speeches while driving.


What am I watching?

I have started a new habit of watching podcast on YouTube. A favorite podcast of mine is Earn your Leisure

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Man of Health Tee Here

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