You are currently viewing MoH Vent Session: Stop Believing BS. Work your A** off to Get what you Deserve.

MoH Vent Session: Stop Believing BS. Work your A** off to Get what you Deserve.


Get a Six pack in 2 weeks. Lose 30 pounds in 30 days. Take this supplement and lose weight instantly. Get rich quick and with no effort.

Bull crap.

All of those things are a trap people.

They are marketing ideas created by people in cubicles who are in worse shape than you are. The people that tell you these things are straight up lying.

Don’t fall for it.

You can’t lose weight in one area of your body, so please don’t think you can lose weight in just your belly area.

You can’t buy some miracle fitness machine or dietary supplement and think your going to miraculously lose weight or become smarter.

Again it does not work. I really hate when I see those commercials or products giving you false claims and selling false hopes. When someone falls for these marketing ideas it really upsets me, because they are setting people up for let downs.

In my experience when someone gets tricked or has their expectations falsely high, it creates a sour taste on the health industry. It makes that person believe anyone discussing or selling health is a snake oil salesman.

This couldn’t be further from the truth at Man of Health we believe in guiding you on your journey to a better you physically, mentally, spiritually, and sexually. We believe that your going to have to work your ass off to see results.

We believe in educating you to the point, you can have an educated conversation with your provider.

When we create our workout plans or nutrition plan we create them with the idea the person doing the plan is putting in WORK.

When we offer a supplement we offer the supplement because we have taken the supplement. When we offer a supplement we know that we have educated you on the importance of discussing it with your healthcare provider.

When we offer health Gameplans believe us. When we say that our Gameplans should be considered health bootcamps. If we are providing detailed breakdowns so you can’t improve (physically, mentally, spiritually, and sexually) you better believe we expect you to put in that WORK.

People do not be fooled into believing that creating the BEST version of yourself is going to be easy. Hell you put in work to create the version of yourself you are today. You have to be ready to WORK AND WORK EVEN HARDER to improve.

There are no quick fixes. There are no miracke programs that are going to fix your issues. Get yo ass up and work.

We are here to guide you to become a Man of Health if it was that easy it wouldn’t be a journey.

Remember a trip is a short destination with quick outcomes. A journey is a long destination with many twist and turns. Remember a journey is what creates legends. A journey is what creates a Man of Health.

So do not fall for the BS on the internet.

To be honest if you ever read something we wrote and you know more or can educate us. Let us know because we are willing to learn and put in the work to become the best Men’s Health Blog & Website there is.

So who’s ready to go to work. No more quick fixes, no more excuses, no more looking for the easy way out. If you are stop reading this and GO TO WORK BECOMING YHE BEST VERSION OF YOUSELF.

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