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Vent Session: Why reactive healthcare could destroy healthcare as we know it?

Yes I know I vent a lot on these posts, but this may be my biggest peeve. I hate the way healthcare has become reactive instead of proactive. I truly believe reactive healthcare may actually end healthcare as we know it. We as a society must practice reactive healthcare, so we can live prosperous lives.

In this post I’m going to discuss:

What is reactive care?

What is proactive care?

Why reactive care is causing so much harm to people?

How to practice proactive healthcare?

What is reactive care?


Lets Begin

Reactive care is what the world of healthcare is all about currently. Reactive healthcare is when someone waits sickness to happen, then they seek treatment. A few examples of reactive care is:

  • Waiting until you get diagnosed with high blood pressure to start eating correctly and exercising.
  • Waiting until your considered overweight or obese to start a training program.

There are quite a few examples of reactive care by individuals, but the entire country seems to practice reactive care. The US spends 3 trillion on healthcare and 80% of the resources go already sick individuals. I wonder what would happen if half went to preventing sickness.


What is proactive care?

Proactive care is preventing sickness and disease before it occurs. Proactive care is preventative healthcare with a focus on doing what it takes to stop health problems from occurring.

Examples of proactive care are:

Health Screenings
Controlling your weight.
Watching your diet.
Becoming educated on diseases and illnesses that affect people (Diabetes, Hypertension, and Heart disease).

People who are proactive about their care, set health goals and make sure to achieve those goals. They keep up with their health screens and remain physically active.


Why is reactive care causing so much harm?

The reason why reactive care is causing so much harm is because there is money in treatment and not prevention. When you teach someone to prevent an illnesses or disease, your chopping down a money treat. People have fallen into a trap when it comes to their own healthcare. They believe they can take a pill and stop all their health problems. People have to understand you must be engaged and active in your own health.


How to practice proactive care?

The best way to practice proactive care is to become educated. Never Never let someone become more educated about YOUR body. You need to know exactly what is going on inside your body.

  • You should know to how to read simple lab values.
  • You should know all the information about any disease or illness that bothers you.
  • You should be physically active.
  • You should know the risks, benefits, and side effects of all medications you are prescribed.
  • You should remain healthy physically, mentally, spiritually, and sexually.
  • You should have a balanced nutritious diet.
  • You should be up to date on all health screens.
  • You should have a primary care provider.

These are only a few ways to remain proactive. Make sure to stay proactive with your care. Make sure to always be the best version of yourself. If you need help in becoming proactive in your care, please hit us up below.