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Over 50? Read what health issues could cost a problem.

50 years old in the health world can mean a lot of things. Most men in their 50s have life pretty much figured out. They usually have their kids, finances, and love life where they want it to be, but for some strange reason men usually forget about their health.

In this post I’m going to discuss  health issues that cause a problem for men in their 50s.


High Blood Pressure (Hypertension): High blood pressure usually results from the stiffening of arteries over time. Most adults 2 out of 3 over the age of 60 have high blood pressure.

If you want to help resolve this issue make sure to have your cholesterol levels checked. Make sure you do not smoke and eat healthy foods.


Diabetes: 1 out of 10 people have diabetes. Diabetes can cause damage to your vessels. This damage to your vessels can also cause issues with the organs of your body: eyes, kidneys, and limps.

Manage: Make sure to have your blood sugar checked frequently by your healthcare provider. Make sure to eat a healthy diet and workout frequently.


Heart Disease: 6.3% of all U.S. men between the ages of 40-59 have heart disease. Heart Disease is when plaque builds up in the arteries of your heart.

Manage: Make sure to have your lipids checked by your health care providers. Make sure to eat a diet low in saturated fats and exercise frequently.


Obesity: Obesity is not just an issue for men in their 50s, but an issue for every American. Obesity has been linked to at least 20 chronic issues (diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and stroke).

Manage: Key thing is to actually know what you are putting into your body. Many people have no idea how many calories they are eating. Get the numbers then decrease that amount so you can lose the weight. Next get up and exercise at least 90 minutes a week.


Osteoarthritis: The aches and pains of aging. Arthritis is a chronic issue that affects us men as we age. Arthritis is something that actually prevents us from moving the way we should. The best way to beat arthritis to prevent wear and tear.

Manage: We have to stretch appropriately. We have to wear comfortable shoes and actually move more. Arthritis becomes worse the less you move a joint. Make sure to get up and move.


It is important to be proactive and prevent these issue from occurring. If you need any help losing weight or a gameplan around any other health issues reach out to us.

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