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Reaching the Highest Level of Self-actualization.

Self- Actualization

I know everyone may have seen it once or twice before..The Pretty Pyramid above me, but have you ever thought exactly what does this pyramid mean. Most importantly, How does this pyramid affect my life and my needs?

Today we are going to discuss a man named Abraham Maslow. Maslow was an American Psychologist who created that beautiful triangle. He based human needs on 5 Needs:

  • Physiological: Basic needs all humans have (food water, sex, breathing). You need these items to survive.
  • Safety: Security of your body. (A home, your health, and a family)
  • Love/Belonging: Sexual Intimacy, Family, and Friendships.
  • Esteem: Confidence, self-esteem, respect for others, and achievement.
  • Self-actualization: Creativity, Fulfilling a Purpose, Acceptance of Facts, and Problem Solving.

We all begin in the physiological base of the pyramid. The goal is to progress through the pyramid and to one day reach the top (Self Actualization). To be honest we all don’t reach self-actualization, most of us fall short and get trapped on one level.

How do you become trapped on one level?

Many things can trap you on one level. If your needs are not met on a specific level you may never rise up. Take this example, if you do not know where and when your next meal is coming (physiological). You cannot focus on building your self-confidence (esteem).

We have to make sure we cover all of our basic needs before we can move up the pyramid.

Some of the Qualities of Self-actualizing people

Simplicity and Bluntness

How does this relate to Man of Health?

I believe a Man of Health functions on or near a level of self-actualization. A Man of Health has mastered the basic bases of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. He supplies himself with the necessities to become the best version of himself.

A Man of Health, who has reach self-actualization, focuses on helping the others around him become the best version of themselves.

How to reach Self- Actualization?

 Accept yourself. You must be aware of yourself. You must understand your strengths and your weaknesses.

Live your life like there is no tomorrow: This doesn’t mean live stupidly. It means don’t worry about mistakes. Once you’ve done your research and you are sure of yourself go for it.

Get Comfortable with Yourself: This means that you should be ok with having alone time. A person who has self-actualized loves the company of their love ones, but tends to be ok if they have go be alone. Make your alone time your must profitable time.

Live your Truths, Be unapologetically you: This means if you have settled in your heart and your mind your truths, live by them. Do not be steered by the crowd. People who have self-actualized don’t try and fit in. They are themselves at all time.

Develop Compassion: Be compassionated with others. Have compassion for those and help relieve the suffering of those you care about.

Self Actualization is a level we all should arrive for. It is the highest level a person can reach according to Maslow. I am personally still trying to reach this level, but as we journey on our health journey. We all can help one another reach this level.