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How to Guide: Slowing the Effects of Aging.

I know I know you guys are thinking here we go another glam article about How to stop the unstoppable AGING, but that’s not what I want to discuss.

I’m here to discuss how to SLOW DOWN the effects of aging. In this article I will discuss:

  • What causes us to age?

  • What effect our environment has on the aging process?

  • Are there any medications or supplements that truly help with aging?

  • Tips on things to do to slow down the effects of aging.

Let’s Get Started

What causes us to age?

One theory behind what causes us to age is the theory that our genes have a pre-determined lifespan. In this theory chromosomes have telomeres that have a certain length. As we age these telomeres become shorter and shorter until they eventually die off.

The second theory is that our DNA withstands as much damage as possible until one day it cannot handle any more and we die. In this theory scientist believe our environment and the damage we do to ourselves damages our DNA.

 What effect does the environment have on aging?

Based on the both theories the environment can have an effect on aging. Both theories deal with damage to telomeres as causes of us aging. People have to understand that our environment is filled with risk factors that can damage cells. Telomeres shorten as we age but eating habits (fast food) and other pollution in our environment can speed up this shortening.

Certain lifestyle choices can speed up telomere shortening such as; smoking, obesity, and a lack of exercise. Environments with a lack of healthy food choices can have individuals with shorten telomeres. Living in an environment conducive to certain diseases (diabetes, heart failure, and hypertension) can cause a shortening of your telomeres.

 Are there any medications or supplements that slow down the effects of aging?

No, there is no current medication or supplement that slows down the effects of aging. There are no medications or supplements that lengthens telomeres.

Currently there are a few supplements being studied to see if they have an effect on telomere lengthen: 

  • Omega 3
  • Vitamin D
  • TA-65
  • Reveratrol

Always consult with your provider before starting any supplement.

 Tips to Slow Down the effects of Aging.

  1. Avoid Chronic Diseases (Hypertension, Diabetes, and Heart Diseases)
  2. Avoid Substance Abuse
  3. Decrease Stress: Meditate we have a great post on MEDITATION
  4. Exercise: Studies showed that people who exercise just three times a week have equal telomere lengthen to marathon runners.
  1. Fasting has been shown to increase stem cells which also helps lengthen telomeres.

Best way to slow down the effects of aging is to protect your telomeres. There is no magic pill to take to lengthen telomeres.

I suggest to avoid chronic diseases, exercise regularly, and have a great Nutritional plan.

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