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Special: ED Treatments & Pricing

As a man we all deserve to feel proud about our PERFORMANCE in the bedroom.

We should be able to perform when the DUTY calls, and let’s be REAL HONEST we shouldn’t feel bad about ED it happens too all men.

At Man of Health Clinic we focus on your performance: Your Mental, Physical, Spiritual and most definitely your SEXUAL PERFORMANCE is the top priority .

This is why we deliver special blends of ED Treatments that include :

  • (Mount Rushmore & MOH Vitality) instant dissolve tablets.

  • Testosterone Cream

  • PT 141: once a week injection: NOT PENILE that gives you a hard erection and last up to 2-3x longer.

  • Bi-mix & Tri-Mix: Penile Injections INSTANT ERECTION LASTING 30 MIN-90 MINS.

We guarantee these medications will improve the QUALITY AND QUANTITY of your ERECTIONS.

NO MORE killing the MOMENT searching for things that don’t work or take FOREVER to work. Our medications are specially blended to get in your bloodstream QUICKLY.

I know you’ve seen the commercials, “Come in our office and get an erection GURANTEED to Work.” Have you noticed when you leave the office the erection isn’t the same? or Guess what it costs $3000-$5000.

That’s criminal to charge guys a ridiculous amount for a VITAL part of their lives.

The Difference in our clinic is we personalize plans for you and your budget.

  • Bimix & TriMix: $299-509

  • Mount Rushmore & MOH Vitality (special blended meds): starting at $89

  • Testosterone Creams: starting at $99

  • PT-141: starting $250


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