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How to Balance your Spiritual Triangle for Happiness?

Analogy: A health spiritual triangle based on faith, emotions, and Principles.

Spiritual Health can be based on a lot of things, but to me it is a balance between faith, emotions, and principles that guide us throughout our lives. Spiritual health is the glue that holds the body together. Without spiritual health a person cannot be physically fit. Think about a time where your emotions where affected negatively (sadness or frustration) and think about how you performed physically that day.

Spiritual health holds your mental health together also. Mental health deals with the health of your mind. Spiritual health effects your spirit or your soul. If your soul is bothered, your mind will not be as sharp. Spiritual health and mental health must be balanced for an individual to perform at their best.

Spiritual health definitely affects your sexual health. If someone’s spirit is not uplifted it can cause a disconnect from the person they choose to have sex with. Sexual health involve spirits connecting and intertwining.

As you can see spiritual health is involved in every other health. We as men sometimes put our spiritual health on the back burner, because it can be confusing to know what makes up spiritual health.

Spiritual health according to Man of Health includes faith, emotions, and principles that guide us. Faith can be based on religion or anything that helps you believe. Faith is living life for a higher purpose. If a man does not have faith in something life can be hard. The world is a hard place and believing in something can help someone through hard times. 

Emotions are expressions of our feelings throughout the day. We as men need to be reminded that emotions are natural and actually good for the spirit. We create problems when we do not express our emotions, or we express them inappropriately. A Man of Health has mastered expressing his emotions and has complete control of his emotions.

Principles are the foundation that help shape what we stand for. A person’s principles should guide their decision making. Some men base their principles on their faith. When a man has no principles set to guide his life it can create problems with his spiritual health.


Understand exactly what controls your spiritual health. Remember it is a balance between faith, emotions, and principles

  • Faith: what we believe in that carries us throughout our day. It can be based on religion or other higher powers.

  • Emotions: How we express our feelings. A Man of Health expresses his feelings with control over those feelings.

  • Principles: Foundation of your decision making. A set of rules that you live by. Even if a person has no faith and does not express his emotions, he needs to have principles that guide his life.

Some extra tips

  1. A break in the triangle of faith, emotion, and principles leads to a decrease in spiritual health. Make sure to strengthen your faith use: social groups, churches, online sermons, and personal readings. 
  2. To help control your emotions take have a great support system like: Therapy, friends, family, or a spouse.
  3. Know the trigger for your emotions. Learn to understand why it is a trigger and how to appropriately express the emotion.
  4.  Principles can be created: Principles can start from your early childhood, Principles can be based on your up bringing. Principles are guided by our own life experiences. A man should set positive principles and live by them.

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