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How Sports affect our Spiritual and Physical Health?

Yes too things that I care a lot about; Sports & Man of Health. 

I truly believe that sports help our spiritual health.

If you don’t believe me have a conversation with a man after his team loses any sports he truly loves. 

It truly seems as though his spirits our down.

So in this post I’m going to discuss the role sports play on our health.


  • I’m going to discuss sports and how it affects our mindsets

  • How sports is a spiritual experience?

  • How sports affect or physical health?

Let’s Begin…

Sports play a major role in our society today. The sports industry makes around 17-20 billion a year. It is expected to grow every year. This means that sports are here in our society and they aren’t going anywhere.

Most guys I know love all sports or they have a chosen sport they cannot go without. Think about Football Sunday is almost a religious holiday for some guys. It’s part of the tradition after Sunday church service to catch the game.

Super Bowl Sunday is an unofficial holiday for most Americans.

Most college fans religiously follow their favorite team. They do not care if it’s the college’s football team, basketball team, or baseball team. They have a passion for that team, so it becomes part of their families heritage.

Ok I think you guys are getting the point that sports is a big deal to some people, but I know your thinking it’s not spiritual at all.


How sports are a spiritual experience?

First let’s think about a sporting event.

Most sports have athletes facing the possibility of success or failure. These athletes usually have to dig deep within themselves to arrive for that victory. These athletes face the tension of failure moment after moment. These moments create a ritual activity.

As fans we watch this ritual over and over. We tune in every week to see this battle of success and failure. Why because in our own personal life we are fighting the same battle between success and failure.

When our favorite team or athlete win we share in that experience with them. Our spirits rejoice and we feel as though we played a part in that victory.


How sports affect our mindsets?

When we play sports most of the time it is in some form of competition. This competition creates a competitive mindset that drives us toward success rather than failure.

Sports create competition. 

Sports allow us to see who is truly number one. People love rankings. In our mind we rank everything. 

Sports build character when approached the right way. As discussed earlier sports create a competitive drive, but we must focus on character building with that completive drive.

A win or lose by your favorite team can truly affect your mindset if you are invested.

Sports can be used in the right context to teach life lessons that can affect an individual’s mindset. 


How sports affect our physical health?

We all know that staying active is important to being healthy physically. Sports keep us physically moving.

I believe that once you stop moving you seize to exist. This is why you see senior sports leagues, because sports tap in on our completive drive. Competitive drive never leaves you once you have it. These senior leagues help decrease morbidity.

Sports help everyone live healthier lives. It keeps us all more physically fit. Even if you are just watching it. It gives families something to share. I truly love sports for the competitiveness.

In the comment section drop your favorite sports team or sport you enjoy doing. 

Maybe I’m the future we all can start a fantasy league as we take our Man of Health Journey.

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