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Suffering from Substance Abuse Disorder? Here are your options?

Alcohol and substance abuse can be draining mentally and physically. Abuse in any form can be devastating to any one, especially a man trying to pursue a life of health.


Today I am going to try and shred some light on a subject that can be difficult for the person who suffers from alcohol and substance abuse and their family members.


This disease can be difficult to discuss because some people do not know they have a problem. The family is usually the first to  know. A lot of times the family has a hard time discussing this issue with the person 


I am going to discuss substance abuse all together (alcohol and drugs).


Where does substance abuse occur?

Substance abuse usually starts in teens and leads to a higher chance of abuse in adulthood.


What makes up “substance abuse”?

  • Alcohol- whiskey, beer, wine, liquor,…
  • Cannabinoids- Marijuana “weed”
  • Opioids- Prescription drugs
  • Sedatives-hypnotics- Benzos
  • Stimulants- cocaine, methamphetamine
  • Hallucinogens- ketamine, PCP

How is substance abuse diagnosed?

Your provider may use different criteria when diagnosing someone with substance abuse, but the most important thing is the patients concerns.

  • Using intoxicating substances for at least 12 months.
  • The substance needs to be putting stress on the individuals life

 * The individual needs to be evaluated by a provider. 


Here is a helpful self quiz to let you know if you need to find help. 

Please be honest because substance abuse is a disease that requires some form of treatment.

Quizzes to self-evaluate substance abuse (CLICK HERE)


What are your options?

If you suffer from substance abuse issues here are some helpful links: 


National Institute on Drug Abuse



If you know you have an addiction here are some links that offer:  Treatment and Support:

Al- Anon is for families members of people who suffer from substance abuse


Alcoholic Anonymous:


Narcotics Anonymous:



Remember you are not in this alone. This is a disease that requires treatment. Reach out to someone for help.