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Testosterone Optimization: What you need to Know!

Testosterone is the hormone that makes us a man.  Testosterone is the hormone that gives us men the zest for life. The sad truth is testosterone levels tend to decline as we get older. Testosterone levels decrease by 1% every year. Whether your in your 20s, 30s, or even approaching middle age there is hope to help these decreasing testosterone levels.

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone produced in the testes. Testosterone is responsible for sperm production. Testosterone regulates sex drive (libido), fat distribution, muscle mass and strength, and the production of red blood cells.

Why is Low Testosterone (Male Hypogonadism) not diagnosed by primary doctors?

1. Men don’t go to the doctor, and when they do they don’t report symptoms.

2. It is hard to test for because it is symptom based. There is not a definite test to use.

3. There is a lack of provider awareness regarding the condition. Many doctors don’t understand what lab tests to order and how to manage it.

4. Insurance doesn’t like to cover it. It’s the honest truth most healthcare is reactive. Treating low testosterone is a more proactive therapy. It makes you feel better, and insurance companies hate to pay for that.

5. Many providers go by the endocrine societies standards. Which state a man with a testosterone level above 300 does not need treatment, even if he is having symptoms of low testosterone.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone (Low T)?

A. Lack of Focus

B. Depression

C.  Constant Fatigue

D. Decrease Muscle Mass

E  Man Boobs

F. Abdominal Fat

G. Lack of Libido/Erection Issues

H. Decrease Athletic Performances

I. Joint Pain

Treatment Types?

What are your treatment options? There are a few options.

  •  Injectables: You can receive testosterone via a once a week or twice a week injection. Best way.
  • Creams: You can receive testosterone via a cream/applicator that you rub into your skin. Very good for people who hate injections. You do have to apply more frequent.
  • Oral Medications: There are certain oral Medications you can take that can cause your body to increase its own production of testosterone. Best for patients who’s testicles are already producing testosterone (500-700).
  • Oral Testosterone: There are oral forms of testosterone. These medications by-pass the liver and cause your testosterone levels to increase. Expensive, Daily Medication, Newer.


How can Man of Health help?

Man of Health is able to provide testosterone replacement at an affordable cost. We do not take insurance but we do have the best pricing available.

We are able to send you to LabCorp, manage your medications, educate you on the process, manage your bloodwork. We can ship your medications to your door (in a discreet package). You have access to your provider via text message or phone call (personal cell number).

We believe this is a lifestyle change, and our provider will be there every step of the way. You have access to your provider that’s amazing.

Steps of a Testosterone Optimization Gameplan (TOG)!!!

1. Free Consultation: The process is explained to you. Your asked questions regarding your symptoms and expectations. This is your opportunity to ask your questions.

2. Bloodwork: Your sent to LabCorp to have your initial bloodwork done. $69 for the initial bloodwork. The initial blood panel includes:

A. CMP (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel): electrolyte levels, kidney function, liver function.

B. CBC (Complete Blood Count): RBC count, H & H. Testosterone causes a stimulation in RBC production. We like to have a baseline established.

C. Lipid Panel: Cholesterol Level, HDL (high density lipoprotein), LDL (low density lipoprotein). Treatment recommendations are given during this time

D. Estradiol: Estrogen hormone level. Estrogen is considered the “female hormone” but it’s important in men also. Our job is to increase your testosterone levels without having your estrogen levels jump to high.

E. PSA: (Prostate Specific Antigen): Marker for prostate inflammation. Helps rule out prostate cancer. Testosterone can cause an increase of PSA. It is great to have a baseline PSA.

3. Consultation to Discuss Bloodwork: We discuss Bloodwork. This is a review over your numbers, so you can be educated on your body.

4. Medications sent to your home. We send your medications directly to your home. With directions on how to use them. Videos included.


Man of Health believes in transparency. Our Testosterone Replacement is priced at:

  • Injections: $150/per month: includes medications, bloodwork follow ups, and consultation with your provider.
  • Creams: $130/per month: includes medications, bloodwork follow ups, and consultation with your provider.
  • Oral Medications: $99/per month: includes medication, bloodwork follow ups, and consultation with your provider.

You also receive 20% off of our weight loss medications, peptides, and ED treatments


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