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Testosterone Therapy and the Benefits for Women.

Testosterone levels in women help drive libido, sexual response, orgasm, and overall sexual satisfaction. Testosterone also helps improve lean muscle mass; these added muscles can increase metabolic rate and helps with weight loss. Optimizing low testosterone levels can also improve energy and decrease fatigue.

Testosterone helps with brain function by improving concentration, clarity of thought, and overall cognition. Testosterone improves bone health and may be breast protective. Finally replacing testosterone to your normal youthful levels has an anti-aging component for skin, hair, and nails and has been shown to improve the overall quality of life and a general feeling of wellbeing.

Benefits of Testosterone Therapy for women

Testosterone Is Important for Sexual Wellbeing

A decreased sex drive (libido) can occur for a multitude of reasons when you are a woman over the age of 30. Low Testosterone has been found to be a major risk factor for low libido. Studies have shown that by simply optimizing your testosterone levels you can reverse that lost libido and return your normal sexual desire.

Low testosterone levels can reduce the sensitivity of your clitoris, which can make it more difficult to reach orgasm or even lead to loss of orgasm potential. Optimizing testosterone levels can reverse these changes and improve your orgasm potential.

Women who replace testosterone levels report increased overall sexual satisfaction and increased quality of life. Sexual satisfaction spills over to satisfaction in other areas of life, the most obvious being an improvement in your relationships with intimate significant others, which can lead to improved mood, increase in positive self-image, decreased anxiety, and overall performance

Testosterone Is Important for Lean Muscle Mass

Lean muscles are muscles that do not have a lot of fat around or within them. Lean muscle also protects your bones from becoming weaker in later life by increasing bone density and strength.

If you are low on testosterone, you can exercise the same amount (or more) and will see less improvement in lean muscle mass than a woman with normal testosterone. When you improve your body’s response to exercise by increasing testosterone, you will likely notice the benefits in the mirror and the way your clothes fit. That positive feedback will likely encourage you to exercise more. It is motivational to actually see the changes and you will likely stick to an exercise routine when results are apparent more quickly. Testosterone can help you get there.

Because testosterone is responsible for increased muscle mass, and leaner body mass you can better control your weight and increase your energy levels. Research studies show that testosterone treatment can decrease overall body fat and increase muscle tone and strength.

By increasing your muscle mass, you are increasing your BMR. Weight loss occurs when the amount of calories consumed is less than the number of calories burned. All else being equal, women with more muscle have a higher BMR, burn more calories at rest, and will lose weight more easily than women with less muscle. This is one of the reasons why it becomes so difficult to lose weight as we age. As testosterone drops with age, we require fewer calories. Optimizing testosterone helps your body burn more calories at rest.

Testosterone Is Important for Maintaining Energy Levels

Women with low testosterone are more prone to experience low energy and fatigue. Optimizing testosterone will help to increase overall energy levels and can help you feel better.

Think about how much energy you had when you were in our 20s. One of the unfortunate parts of aging is the loss of energy and the body’s ability to refresh itself. One of the reasons we lose so much energy as we age is because of falling testosterone levels. Optimizing testosterone will increase the body’s ability to refresh and increase overall energy levels.

Returning normal energy levels via testosterone replacement can have a profound impact on the quality of life. Decreasing fatigue can improve mood, boost confidence, and allow for activities that increase happiness.

Testosterone Is Important for Brain Health

Normal testosterone levels in women are key to brain health. Clarity of thought, improved concentration, and overall cognition come with normal testosterone levels. When testosterone levels lower due to decreased production in the ovaries, brain fog can be the result. Returning testosterone to normal levels can treat the brain fog and can help return brain function to optimal youthful levels.

Low testosterone levels in women are also associated with significant mood changes including anxiety, depression, and irritability. Replacing testosterone and returning levels to youthful numbers can reverse these symptoms and return women to a state of good mental health.

Testosterone Is Breast Protective

Replacing testosterone, back to normal levels, has a beneficial effect on breast tissue. Testosterone actually decreases the stimulation of breast tissue which can help protect the breast from cancers. You can further enhance the protection testosterone provides by giving an additional aromatase inhibitor, such as Anastrozole.  These protective effects on the breast are even more pronounced than with testosterone alone.

Testosterone Improves Overall Quality of Life and Feelings of Wellbeing

Women with low testosterone feel better when their testosterone is optimized. Overall sexual health improves, lean muscle mass improves, weight loss becomes easier, and energy levels improve. All these positive changes lead to increased feelings of well-being and improved quality of life.

Myths Associated With Testosterone Replacement in Women

Testosterone replacement will make me look like a man.

This is false. Replacing testosterone to normal levels has very few, negative side effects. Some women may experience mild acne or hair growth but most have no detrimental side effects at all. It is only when testosterone is given in very high doses are there risks of more serious side effects such as voice deepening, male pattern hair growth, and clitoromegaly.

Testosterone Therapy will make me more aggressive or change my personality.

Replacing testosterone to normal levels will not change a woman’s personality. It can help improve mood by helping women feel better and improve quality of life.

Testosterone replacement is dangerous for my liver.

Again, another false myth. Testosterone is indeed metabolized by the liver. Women who have a pre-existing liver disease such as hepatitis should not take hormone replacement. The important fact is that in healthy women, replacing testosterone with normal levels will not hurt the liver.