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I started Testosterone Treatment at 31! Follow my journey: Part 1

Yes men you read that right I have started testosterone treatment. I am 31 years old. I have 3 kids and a wife and I decided to give it a go.

I decided to get my testosterone level checked at a local men’s health clinic, and I was shocked at the results. I knew I had been feeling a little sluggish and fatigued, but I had no idea my levels were as low as they were.

I have learned testosterone levels fluctuate and depend on quite a few factors. There is a reference range for Testosterone levels (250-1100). This reference changes depending on the lab. Well my testosterone level was 479. That may be normal for the reference range, but some guys do better at a higher level. This made me decide to start treatment. 

What treatment am I on?

I’m on Testosterone Crypionate/Proprionate 100 mg twice a week. I do my injections bi-weekly to prevent ups and downs in my level. I want a steady level. I am young so I decided to do HCG twice a week also. The HCG is also an injectable. The reason for this injection is to make sure my testicles keep producing its own testosterone.

What is my goal for treatment?

I’m doing this for the benefits, but also to gain knowledge of a treatment most men could benefit from. My other goals beside learning is to gain muscle mass, increase my libido, and to increase my motivation.

So far have I noticed significant changes in myself?

Yes I have. I’ve only been on the treatment for about a month, but I’ve noticed:

  • An increase in muscle mass.
  • A decrease in recovery time needed to workout.
  • A decrease in fat.
  • An increase in morning wood.
  • An increase in sexual performance

What are some things you dislike?

I hate the injection. I give my injections subcutaneously. This means in the belly. It doesn’t hurt but it is weird to give yourself injections. The injections do leave some soreness, but I found if you massage the area it helps.

What does your wife say about it?

She always ask me the side effects and to be safe. She knows I love men’s health and I try not to recommend anything without trying it myself. She stays on me to make sure I’m managing my labs. I think she can notice a difference in my physical, mental, spiritual, and of course my sexual performance.

What are the side effects?

Some of the common side effects are:

  • Acne
  • Oily skin
  • Male pattern baldness
  • Numbness
  • Headache/anxiety

Major side effect: Increase risk of stroke from an increase in the thickness of your blood.

So far I haven’t had any of these side effects. It is early so I’m going to continue to monitor for the common side effects. The major side effect is managed by having routine blood work done. I will have my blood tested and my hemoglobin and hematocrit is elevated I will donate blood. This helps decrease the viscosity of the blood.

What comes next?

I am scheduled to have my follow up blood work done in a week. This will let me know if any adjustments need to be made to my medication, and if I need to donate blood.

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