You are currently viewing Top 5: Valentine Day Gifts to get your partner will love.

Top 5: Valentine Day Gifts to get your partner will love.

Yes guys here at Man of Health we believe that a happy wife/girlfriend/fiancee basically anybody you have in your life, leads to better mental, physical, spiritual, and of course sexual health.

So we are going to give you our Top 5: Valentine’s Day Gifts your significant other should enjoy:



Personalized Gift:

A personalized gift is a great gift. It shows your significant other you care. 

A personalized gift is personal and automatically becomes a keepsake.

There are great websites that offer personalized items. (Etsy, Personalized mall, & Amazon)  

MoH choice:  My Custom Heart 

It walks you through a step by step process  to create a personalized gift that she will remember.

The giftset comes with a heart container, bath bomb, loofah, teddy bear made of roses, jewelry options, love note in a bottle, or a love note sealed.

It is a great option for any budget. The price range from 40-2000.




Edible Arrangement:

If your significant other has a sweet tooth, this is a great option. Edible arrangements is a franchise that offers fresh fruit arrangements inspired by flower designs.

The great thing about edible arrangements is there is always a coupon code available through their website.

Edible arrangements offers designs for any occasion. They also deliver these arrangements to homes, offices, and jobs.

Their prices are broken down according to budget. They offer fruit arrangements, flowers, and cookies $30 to over $100.

MoH Tip: If you are going to do an edible arrangement, surprise her with it. Send it to her job when she is not expecting it. This is a great way to start her Valentine’s Day off correctly.




Couples at Home Massage:

This is a great way to relax and bring the soothing spa experience to your significant other.

A couples massage helps allows you both to unwind. It is a great experience for anyone stressed out in 2021.

A great option for your couples massage is Soothe and Zeel

The price for Soothe is $99 for 60 min or $185 for 120 min. This includes everything you need to enjoy your massage. You do have to pay a 18% gratuity fee.

Zeel’s price is $105 on average for a 60 min couples massage. The price includes everything you need for a great massage experience.

MoH Choice:
They both are apps that allow you to set up a home massage experience, but we like the fact that Zeel’s price includes gratuity. Zeel does have a cut off time of 10:30 PM compared to Soothe’s 12:00 AM cut off time, but by 1030 if the massage worked you should either be improving your sexual health or sleeping.




Subscription Scent Monthly Box

Everyone knows people love perfume/cologne, so subscription Scent box would be the gift that keeps on giving.

These boxes send a new scent to your doorstep each month. They send small 8 ml bottles that contain any where from 100-150 sprays a container.

Most websites offer a small simple quiz, so they can create your perfume/cologne preference. They then charge you once a month, and you receive a perfume/cologne. Most websites allow you to cancel at anytime.

We think this is a great gift that allows your partner to get excited each month.

MoH choice:
We personally like scent box because it allows you to choose your scents. They offer the most fragrances (850+). The scents they offer are amazing.

There are two prices they offer 9.72 first month and 14.95 monthly afterwards (designer scents). 12.97 first month and 19.95 monthly afterwards (premium designer scents)




A Personalized Painting

This is another great fresh idea. This is a personalized gift. As you can see we believe in personalized gifts.

The personalized painting could be anything that has meaning to the person. It could be your first date picture. The personalized painting gift is more expensive then the other gifts on this list, but it could be a part of your partner’s life forever.

MoH Choice:

We love the company Paint Your Life. They take life moments and life pictures and turn them into beautiful works of art. They have a team full of painters that will make sure you are satisfied with the work. You can choose which artist paints your life.

You can choose multiple photos and have them painted. They walk you through the process. Prices vary on the size of the photo and items in the photo.


This is our Top 5: Valentine’s Day Gifts that your Significant Other will love.

Give them a shot and leave a comment below if you have any other recommendations.