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Weight Loss

Weight gain is one of the leading causes of chronic health issues: diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, sleeping issues, arthritis, and kidney issues. This is why we stress the importance of weight loss. At Man of Health we create customized and personal weight loss Gameplans that take your personal life in to account. 

What medications do we offer?

…and much more!

Who should try Man of Health Weight Loss Gameplan?

Anyone looking to improve their health and overall quality of life.

Anyone with a chronic health issue: Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Obesity, Heart Disease,

Anyone who has stubborn weight they need to lose. We can help the person looking to lose 100 lbs. and the person only looking to lose 5lbs. Our goal is match your health goal, and partner with you to exceed that goal.

What does each plan include?

Our Weight Loss Gameplans includes medications,  (approved by provider), A fitness plan (customized plan),  A nutrition plan (personalized plan), and weekly phone check-ins. We have online personal trainers if needed for an additional fee. All medications are shipped to you for administration. We will demonstrate how to properly administer all medications prescribed.

What is the cost of each plan?

The cost of each plan depends on the length and type of medication. Here are some of our pricing, but remember each plan is personalized to your needs.  Each program always includes a free workout and nutrition plan.

  • MOH LipoBurn Caps: 1 Month program $99/ 1 month program $175
  • Lipo B Injections: 2 Month Supply $150
  • Lipo C Injections: 2 Month Supply $160
  • B12 Injections: 2 Month Supply $140
  • Phentermine: 1 Month Supply $99 / 2 Month $17

*These are only a few of our programs.

What should I expect when I call Man of Health?

You can expect a consultation with a knowledgeable provider, who has your health in mind when making decisions. We will PARTNER with you to reach your health goals. We want to see you become the best version of yourself.

You can expect simple pricing and transparency. We have the best prices around. We’re not trying to overprice something that can help you.

Simple Health, Simple Pricing, Simply for Men.