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What is a Man of Health?

Many men spend their entire lives searching for it… hoping to one day claim it as their own…. 

What is it you ask?

 It’s wealth.

 But what if I was to tell you that the search to become wealthy sometimes overpowers a man’s search for his own health.

Men often tell themselves I’m ok. I don’t have time to be sick. I have to grind. I can push through anything, but that attitude gets us deeper in a health hole.

In 2021 I want to change the mindset of men towards health. 

I want every man not to just be a man of wealth but to choose a new goal… to be a Man of Health. We have to remember that our health not unless affects us, but the people who depend on us. Our goals need to revolve around our health. 


What is a Man of Health? 

A Man of Health is a man who: 

  • Places emphasis on his own wellbeing.
  • He is educated on diseases and problems that face him.
  • He is prepared mentally, physically, spiritually, sexually, and emotionally. (Yes we will discuss emotions on this site…judgement free zone).
  • A Man of Health reaches for knowledge about disease processes.
  • He gathers information to prevent problems.
  • He learns everything he can about the body he was given.
  • We believe that a Man of Health is a man who can function physically, sexually, spiritually, and mentally.

At Man of Health we will discuss health topics in a straight to the point, easy to remember funny way.

We will leave comments open, so discussions can take place. 

People will be able to start discussions and ask questions. We are here to educate and learn at the same time.

Leaning on one another, we can all become Men of Heath.\


Just Remember Positive Vibes Only. 

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