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What is the Man of Health Pocket Clinic? Reasons why you should sign up.


Ok guys a new trend you may be seeing in healthcare is a term called telehealth or telemedicine.


  • So what is it?
  • Why should you care?
  • How does it affect you?
  • What is Man of Health doing with this new trend?
  • What is telehealth or telemedicine?


It is the delivery of health services through telecommunications. This means that health services are provided online, through video, or over the phone. Telehealth is the transmission of images, consultations through video conference and patient secure portals.


Telehealth is not as new as people think. Telehealth has been used since the 1960s with monitoring and delivery of care to astronauts. What makes it so available now is the improvement of technology. People all over the world are carrying around smart phones that allow you to stay in touch with your healthcare provider 24/7 securely.


Why should you care? How it affects you?

Because telehealth has improved healthcare. It has allowed people with no transportation to still receive healthcare.

There are upcoming challenges in the United States as it relates to healthcare the population of the united states is expected to grow to 363 million people (currently 330 million). The increase in population means that more people will need more providers telehealth allows providers to help those people.

Telehealth also creates competition which means better care for the patient. With the introduction of this technology people have choices. If people have choices providers must go beyond to keep their patients.

Telehealth also creates convenience for the patient . Patients will be able to get their prescription filled without having to travel to their physician’s office. Patients will have daily access to their providers.


What is Man of Health doing about this trend?

We will be launching our own telehealth online clinic called: Man of Health: Pocket Clinic. This clinic will deliver convenience and quality care to each member of the pocket clinic.


My members will have access to me as their provider at all times.


Ability to not have to wait in clinic. My job is to have to make health simple for you.


Refills and visits can be done at your convenience. While your own lunch break, whenever you need there will be a simple scheduling process.


Same day scheduling


As a member of pocket clinic each member will get access to a personalized gameplan, nutrional gameplan, fitness plan.


Also discounts on all Men of Health products.


We are not just offering prescription but an all inclusive membership. As the sole provider I can only accept 100 members


Pricing is 29.99 for the first 100 members.

To sign up to be one of the 100 members. Fill out the contact form and type "Pocket Clinic" into the comment section. Signing up holds your spot and does require you to pay anything.