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Testosterone Replacement

What is Low Testosterone (Low T)?

Low T is a drop in a man’s natural dominant hormone, Testosterone. A testosterone level below 400 is considered critically low, but many men see symptoms with levels as low as 600. When testosterone levels start to decrease, men experience a drop in energy, decrease in motivation, increase in body fat (specifically in the abdominal area), and some notice a decline in their sexual performance. These symptoms can affect everyday life for a man.

What causes this drop in testosterone?

Many factors attribute to a decrease in testosterone, with age being a key factor. Most guys testosterone levels start to decrease around the age of 30. Other issues can cause a drop in testosterone including; weight gain, chronic health conditions, and certain medications.

How common is Low T?

Low Testosterone is a very common health problem among men, with as many as 40% being affected by Low T. It’s estimated that testosterone levels decline 1% every year after the age of 30.

What are the Symptoms of Low T?

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How is Low T Diagnosed?

A health consultation occurs, where we discuss your symptoms to rule out any other causes. Next, we order bloodwork to determine your total testosterone level. Most guys tend to have symptoms, when their total testosterone levels decline to less than 660.  We also take a look at other blood levels including: (estradiol, PSA, CMP, CBC, Lipid Panel), which is all included in your initial bloodwork.

How do I Take Testosterone?

Man of Health offers Testosterone in 2 Ways:

Trans dermally (Creams): a topical applicator applied in the groin or inner thighs, which is applied per providers recommendation.

Injection: The injection can be done intramuscularly (IM) once per week or more frequently depending on gameplan. Subcutaneously (SQ) 2 to 3 times a week given in the abdomen or thigh, depending on provider and patient’s preference

Side Effects of Testosterone Therapy

The major side effects of testosterone therapy depend on route of medication administration.
  • Injection: Pain and swelling at the injection site.
  • Topically: Redness at the application site.

There is no evidence linking Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) to prostate cancer. There is no strong evidence linking TRT to increase in vein clots. There is no strong evidence that TRT increases or decreases the risk of cardiovascular events.  However, you should call your primary care doctor right away if you have signs and symptoms of a heart attack.

Testosterone Therapy may interrupt normal sperm production. If you are being treated for Low T and have plans on having kids, we may suggest medication to help maintain sperm production. Testosterone Therapy can also cause erythrocytosis (increase in hemoglobin and hematocrit). 

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We believe in simple health, simple pricing, and being simply for men. Our pricing can vary depending on your testosterone gameplan. Most of our Testosterone Gameplans cost $140-160 monthly. This cost includes all your medications shipped to your home, free consultation with your provider, supplies, and follow up bloodwork as determined by your provider. We don’t lock you into any contract, so you can cancel at anytime.

We do not take insurance. Insurance rarely covers testosterone therapy. We will send you a itemized invoice if needed, but we require payment.

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