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Weight Loss vs Body Composition Change: Differences & Taking that Next Step


In the world of fitness and health, weight loss is often a primary goal for many individuals. However, there is more to health and fitness than just shedding pounds. Body composition also plays a significant role in overall health and physical appearance.

I say that to say, the most common question we get from our clients is: “I’m losing weight but… I haven’t noticed the actually change I expected” or we usually hear: “What do I do once I’ve reached my goal weight?” A lot of my clients have focused on weight loss, which is great and should be prioritized, but their skipping a major aspect of overall health: BODY COMPOSITION. In this post I’m going to discuss:

  • What is Weight Loss?
  • What is Body Composition?
  • Differences Between the Two.
  • Man of Health’s Body Composition Gameplan (A MUST READ)
  • FAQs
  • When our Weight Loss Patients start their BC Gameplan.

What is Weight Loss?

Many of you have been doing our weight loss gameplans. A simple definition of weight loss is when: an individual loses overall body mass. This can be accomplished through various methods such as dieting, exercise, or medications (ie..Semaglutide) to help reduce total body weight. This reduction in total body weight can include fat, muscle, or even water weight.

What is Body Composition?

Body composition refers to the percentage of your total body weight that consists of fat mass (adipose tissue) vs lean mass (muscles). Your body composition provides a more accurate picture of your overall health and physical fitness because it considers how much of your weight consists of healthy, functional tissue versus excess fat.

“In simpler terms your body’s composition is what gives us our muscular definition, abs, and curves we all want to see in the mirror.”- Chris 

Key Differences Between Weight Loss and Body Composition:

1. Focus: Weight loss focuses on reducing total body mass, whereas body composition aims to optimize the ratio between lean mass and fat mass. Our weight loss plans tend to focus on medications and methods that decrease overall calories. “An example would be our Semaglutide Gameplan which decreases your appetite and also restricts calories your intake.”

Our Body Composition Gameplans work completely different. We will discuss this more in a few moments.

2. Methods: Weight loss often relies on dietary restrictions and cardiovascular exercise to burn calories, while improving body composition involves correct food ratios, muscle building, and body fat reduction.

3. Health Impact: Losing excess weight can have numerous health benefits but may not necessarily improve one’s appearance if muscle mass is also lost. On the other hand, optimal body composition results in a toned physique with improved metabolic function.

“Body Composition gives you the health benefits of weight loss, while giving you a better physical appearance and peak performance: physically, mentally, and sexually”- Chris 

Man of Health’s Body Composition Gameplans:

Our Body Composition (BC) Gameplan switches the focus from restriction and and dropping weight to building lean muscle mass, which can improve your metabolic rate (how many calories you burn while resting) and ultimately aid in fat loss.
1. We focus on Protein Intake: We craft a Personalized Protein Intake to ensure you consume enough protein daily to support muscle recovery and growth. In each gameplan we explain:

  • The best time to take your protein.
  • Which protein to take (casein, whey, whey isolate)
  • We even offer our special Amino Acid Blend (which helps build your bodies natural proteins).

2. Workout Plans: We create a personalized workout plan that can be done at home or at a gym. Templates are sent directly to your email.

3. Improve Sleep Quality and Quantity: We educate you on the appropriate sleep patterns, exactly how much sleep you should be getting and if needed, we prescribe safe effective peptides to help you GET TO SLEEP AND STAY ASLEEP.
5. Safe Energy Boosting Medications (non caffeinated): We offer multiple different treatments, which can boost your energy, we’re not talking B12: We offer peptides that have been shown to boost energy.

6. Hormone Replacement: One of the most important things you can do for body composition is hormone replacement. As our hormones start to decline we notice bigger FAT deposits and LESS muscle mass. We offer treatments to reverse these effects. HRT= more energy, less mood swings, less hot flashes, and better Body Composition.


When should I begin my Body Composition (BC) Gameplan? 

“Once you’ve reached your target weight or come close to a weight that’s comfortable for you. It’s time. We’ve reached the point where we need to focus on Body Composition Changes.”

Why wouldn’t I start Body Composition at the Same Time as my Weight Loss?

“It can be done at the same time, but I believe its important to focus on the weight loss individually. Weight loss can be agitating and hard. We need to help you lose the weight to be comfortable to exercise appropriately, plus you need a Win and being at a Good Weight sets a great base.”

How expensive is this plan?

“This plan is more affordable then our weight loss program!!! It is a monthly plan that’s all inclusive. Our plans START at $99. We build out a plan based on what you need…so it’s 100% customizable. Each plan does include: Sleep Chart, Nutrition Plan, Protein Calculation, Workout Plan, Specific Medications/Supplements, and Weekly Virtual Check-ins.”

How do I get Started?

“If you have a weight loss gameplans, one of our providers will reach out towards the middle or end of your Gameplan to discuss your Body Composition Gameplan. Our provider will be able to start customizing your Gameplan”

If you haven’t started this discussion schedule a Free Phone Consultation at the link below