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6 Tips: How to select a great weight loss program?

Millions of people want to lose weight, and what’s the first thing they do Google it. Google has the answers to everything, so surely it can lead them to a simple solution on how to lose weight.

Well guess what usually happens when you google, How to lose weight?, a million different diets and fitness plans land on your search page. 

Which one should you choose? Paleo, Whole 30, intermittent fasting, and carnivore diet.

It can very confusing. The reason why they make weight loss a confusing topic is because there is money in selling confusion. They know if they create a weight loss plan with a fancy name and a celebrity endorsement they have a hit.

Let’s be honest a good weight loss program doesn’t need to be confusing, have a fancy name, or a celebrity endorsement. The plan just needs to work. In this post I am going to discuss:

  • What does all of the popular diet plans have in common?
  • What makes a great weight loss program?
  • How a simple plan can give great results?
    How to select a plan?

What does all of the popular diet plans have in common?

Each popular diet no matter how they promote it all have the same premise, put your body in a calorie deficit.

Many diets do this in different ways. The Keto diet places the body in a calorie deficit by restricting an entire nutrient from the body (carbohydrates).

Intermittent Fasting places the body in a calorie deficit by restricting the amount of hours you can eat. Each diet either restricts a key nutrient or restricts the amount of time you can eat.

What makes a a great weight loss program?

A great weight loss program follows 6 simple rules.

1. It should be sustainable. This is where a lot of plans fall short. Many popular plans are not sustainable. Most people cannot sustain restricting carbs for the rest of their life. Most people cannot sustain 16 hours of fasting. A great weight loss program offers a diet plan that is sustainable. The plan fades from being a diet to a food habit. The food habit then becomes a food lifestyle.

2. A good plan must put you in a calorie deficit. Remember all plans do this. A good diet plan will put you in a calorie deficit without placing extra stress on the body.

3. Exercise: Any weight loss plan without an exercise routine should be thrown in the trash. Exercise helps build lean muscle mass. Exercise also helps the body increase it’s calorie expenditure. All great weight loss programs will include an exercise regimen.

4. Self Monitoring: A good plan should include the ability to self monitor. At the beginning you may be monitored, but the goal should be to allow all clients to eventually self monitor their own weight loss.

5. Protein and fiber: A good plan should include an increase in protein and fiber. As you loss weight you lose body mass, which may decrease bodily fluids it is important to increase your fiber intake. Protein is a key nutrient that should be increased because your goal will be to build muscle mass.

6. Supplements and medications: Supplements and medications are not needed for weight loss, but they do help supplement your plan. I would make sure to contact my healthcare provider before starting any supplement or medication.

How a simple plan can give great results?

A plan should incorporate all 6 rules. The plan doesn’t have to be fancy just remember calories in vs calories out. Keep your body in a calorie deficit.

How to select a weight loss program?

Select a weight loss program that is selected based on your personal needs. Remember all plans work the same, by creating calorie deficits. A plan should be based on; What you like to eat, how often you eat, and the types of foods you enjoy.

A weight loss program should be simple to understand. You should be able to teach your diet plan to others. Never choose a plan that is too complicated.

Remember your plan must be sustainable. Your not just selecting a weight loss program, your selecting a new food lifestyle.

How can we help?

We offer exclusive, simple, and personalized weight loss programs. We incorporate different diet plans into our plans, so we can guide you on your weight loss journey. We do not do cookie cutter plans we craft a personalized plan for you.

Each plan includes a Fitness routine. We build the routine based on your fitness age. We expect you to take it slow.

We are healthcare providers trying to help those in need. We offer great pricing and we can fit your budget of needed. We thank you for allowing us to create a personalized plan for your

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