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Man of Health Journey (Chapter 2): The Pursuit of Happiness

What’s going on everybody?


How has life been treating you guys out there?


Well life’s been pretty good on my side it has not been perfect but I’m still here breathing so I will not complain.

Well I’m originally from Louisiana and recently moved to Georgia, so I have been checking on family back home with all the hurricanes and everyone’s safe.

My prayers go out to anyone who has lost someone or has suffered financial suffering from the hurricanes or covid- 19.

This journey article is all about the pursuit of happiness. I have been doing some self reflection and I have learned that each person’s happiness is determined by their own pursuit of the happiness. I have been practicing choosing to be happy through out all the turmoil going on in society and I have truly been happier.


Goals…What I achieved and did not achieve.

You guys may remember that I set a goal to make my family laugh more and I personally think I am achieving that goal. They may say I been kinda corny but hey a laugh is a laugh.

I did not achieve finishing up my monthly book. I was reading “Contagious: Why things Catch on” , and to be honest I haven’t read one more page. 

Sad I know but I am going to finish. I have been doing a lot of listening to motivational speakers (more on that shortly). I will finish this book this October.

I did finish my goal of 15 blogs written this month. I wrote around 18. I really love writing so I am happy to complete this goal.

I did not start my push pull and legs routine. I wrote the routine but did not start it. I have to get on this.

Just wanted to give you guys a recap of my old goals, so let’s get started on this Chapter.


I’m always inspired by my family. They are the reason why I do any and everything I do. They are the reason why I pursue being a Man of Health.

Lately I have been listening to my favorite inspirational speaker  Dr. Eric Thomas. He delivers motivational speeches in a matter of fact way that I can respect. He is in the Man of Health Hall of Fame because he inspires spiritually.


Husband & Dad Corner

As a husband I been enjoying my life.  My wife is currently pregnant with our daughter. She has a glow to her that highlights her beauty even more.

We recently visited both of our family members back home we stay in towns that are 20 minutes apart, and our families have always known each other.

My wife is a master planner and the most organized person I know, so she is busy planning Halloween. I know it is going to be great.

I am truly the luckiest man in the world.

Being a dad has been busy this month. My 1 year old boy got his immunizations and he handled them like a champion. He is walking and trying to talk up a storm.

My 9 year old boy is doing great with virtual learning and is excited to do Halloween this year. He loves Minecraft so he will have a Minecraft costume this year.

Excitement is brewing as my daughter will be here in February.


Goals for this month:

  • Finish reading my book

  • Start my push pull leg routine

  • Continue to work on my eCourse

  • Print out my business cards

  • Write 10 posts this month

  • Have a great and safe Halloween with my family.

  • Get information about drafting an e book.

What I am Reading?


What I am watching?

NBA finals, Undisputed & First take, Love craft, Power, The Boyz



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