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What makes a Mastermind Group & How to find yours.

Mastermind Group

Today’s post is going to discuss the benefits of having a Mastermind Group.


What is a Mastermind Group?

A Mastermind Group is your “go-to” people who help you achieve your goal. Your Mastermind Group can be anyone; It can be your spouse, friend, business partner, co-worker, teammate, anybody who helps you reach your goal.

Your mastermind group should be people who offer support and advice to help you reach your goal. Anything said or done by that person should have your best interest in mind. A mastermind group are people you can look up to as coaches or partners. Group members all give and support each other. No one should be in the group unless they are bringing something to the table.

A mastermind group should bring out the best in you when you. There should be “positive competitiveness” among the group members. What I mean by positive competitiveness is when one member brings something extraordinary to the group it should motivate other members to want to bring something extraordinary to the group.

This positive competitiveness helps lift the entire Mastermind Group.



How to join a Mastermind Group?

One way to join a mastermind group is to always be prepared. When I say be prepared that doesn’t mean sit by your cellphone and wait to for a call. I mean be prepared by improving your own skills. Whatever skills you have, improve it and perfect it until it becomes an asset to someone else.

If you are a social butterfly take courses on social networking. Read articles and watch videos on networking and how to become even better socially. Take your gift and make it golden.

Once you have mastered your skill.  Think about your weakness. Yes think about your weakness. If your skill is social interactions maybe you lack organization. Finding your weakness may be hard to do, but even ask people who really know you. Once you find your weakness look for someone who has an opposite strength. This can be done by networking. You can talk to colleagues, friends, business partners, or co-workers.

Once you find someone that has a skill opposite of you talk to them and think about what you need for your group.



Key things you need to remember when creating a Mastermind group is:

  • Find someone with similar drive and a similar goal: if someone has skills but no drive or an opposite goal they are useless in your Mastermind group.

  • Diverse Skills: Remember your not looking for buddies or someone who is just like you. You need people who will challenge your way of thinking whole still reaching for the same goal. The only way to do this is to have diverse Skills.

  • Look for problem solvers: Never have people in your group who do not know how to problem solve. The goal of a Mastermind group is to solve issues. You need problem solvers.

What do we do once we have a Group?

Once you have a group together it is important that you actually take advantage of the group.

  • Meet up: Make sure you guys meet up times or regularly scheduled and precise. Never miss a meeting.

  • Be open minded: Remember everyone in the group is there for a reason. Be open minded and listen to each person..

  • Have an agenda: Do not waste time have a reason to meet or don’t meet. Each member should know exactly what will be discussed. Each member should be given ample time to prepare for the meeting. Let members know weeks ahead. This is why it’s important to schedule meet ups.

  • Document: Document or record the meetings. Always document every meeting. It helps give an account if things said and done. It can be used as a reference point to the next meeting. It also can be recorded and sent to each member present and those who couldn’t make it.


Ok so now you know what is a Mastermind group, how to assemble a Mastermind Group, and what to do once you get a group. All you need to do now is GO GET IT.