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Choosing The Best Men’s Clinic!!!

I know you have a decision to make what men’s health clinic should I choose? This can be a tough question and I’m here to give you some advice on what to look for in a men’s clinic?

1. SIMPLE PRICING A clinic should be able to give you a simple price. You should know within 5 mins how much any treatment is going to call. You should NEVER pay for a consultation. Pay to talk to a provider that’s a NO NO.

2. TRUSTWORTHY PROVIDER: Your provider should not sound like a salesman. He should be knowledgeable and open minded. Do not allow them to tell you what you need. If a medication doesn’t work, they should be able to offer an alternative. They must LISTEN.

3. SIMPLE HEALTH: You should have an understanding of medications you are taking. The goal is to make healthcare simple. You should be able to know how your medications work in your body.

4. SIMPLY FOR MEN: A men’s clinic should treat men. They should have men treating men. I believe who can feel what you’re going through better than a guy. You can really get into the details of your problem talking to a guy.

5. BE CONVENIENT: You’re hard working and the clinic should fit your schedule. You should be able to text or call your provider quickly. Even if you’re on lunch break and only have 15 mins. You shouldn’t have to drive 30 min to 1 hr to go to the clinic, for a 15 min visit.

Man of Health Clinic checks all of these boxes.

  • SIMPLE PRICING that’s affordable. No difficulty paying, some treatments are even Free
  • TRUSTWORTHY Providers: Our providers are certified in ED Treatments, Testosterone Optimization, and Weight Loss.
  • SIMPLY FOR MEN: We treat guys, we’re focused on helping guys become the best version of themselves.
  • CONVENIENCE: We offer therapies shipped to your door. QUICK medication deliveries. NO OFFICE VISIT necessary. Allows us to keep cost low.

So if you’re interested give us a call at 770-618-9600 or Text “INFO” to 470-805-3942.