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The Truth: Everyone at every age needs a multivitamin

Yes we all see it when we search for them… Children’s multivitamins and Older adult’s multivitamins.


Where are the vitamins for the young men. The men that want to ensure they are receiving an adequate amounts of vitamins.


Well there are a couple of truths to this question.

  • First off children and older adult’s are less likely to receive the adequate amount of nutrients and vitamins from the foods they eat. This is because they may be picky eaters at these ages or they may not take in enough calorie dense food to get enough vitamins.

  • People who sell vitamins assume that every other adult receives the proper amount of vitamins from the foods they eat. But lets be honest most adults do not eat the foods they assume we eat.


Here are a few examples:

  • Vitamin C needed 65-90 mg. Some experts say we need up to 200 mg.

What foods contain 200 mg of vitamin C: 2 large oranges, 2 cups of broccoli, 2 cups of strawberries, 4 cups of cauliflower, 3 large potatoes.

And this is everyday. I don’t know about you guys but I’m going to be honest I so not eat those foods daily.

  • Vitamin D needed 600 RDA. We can get vitamin D through sunlight and fatty fish,. Beef liver, egg yolks, and dairy products.

These vitamins that we are suppose to get through a typical diet, but a lot of us men do not have a typical diet.


I believe that a multivitamin is needed at all ages for men. Most multivitamin supplements contain the daily allowance of each vitamin, so they are safe to take.


What should be in your multivitamin?

Most men multivitamins contain a lot of the same vitamins and nutrients.

Vitamin C= helps with immunity

B1= break down and release energy from food the food we eat. It also keeps the nervous system healthy

B2= keep skin, eyes and the nervous system healthy

B3= It helps release energy from the food we eat.

B6= helps store and release energy from the food we eat.

Folic acid= helps the body form red blood cells.

B12= helps the body make red blood cells. It also helps with the nervous system.

Biotin = it is a b vitamin that helps hair and nails grow.

Calcium=build strong bones, helps the heart contract and helps the blood clot.

Magnesium= helps turn our good into energy.

Zinc= helps wounds heal.  It also helps with processing the foods we eat.

Copper= helps body produce red and white blood cells.

Manganese= helps the body release enzymes which break down proteins which helps us receive energy we need.


Most over the counter vitamins contain these nutrients.


But I wanted to create a multi vitamin that contained all these nutrients and vitamins but also had the supplements that men need.


This is why I created


Man of Health: Maintain Multivitamin

It helps us men maintain the daily amount of nutrients and vitamins we need but it also contains a small dosage of immunity boosting and male support.

Each dosage contains male supplements to help with male sexual performance and each dosage contains supplements to help boost the immune system.

The dosage only requires 2 pills daily. With those two pills you can maintain you normal level of health and boost your male performance and immunity at the same time.

Here at Man of Health our goal is to guide you along your health journey, but you must remember we recommend that you discuss all supplements with your provider before taking them.