You are currently viewing Forever Fit 40. (Downloadable Workout Plan). Lay the Foundation.

Forever Fit 40. (Downloadable Workout Plan). Lay the Foundation.

Fitness for men in their 40s can be tricky because testosterone levels start to decrease in our 40s.

Forever Fit 40 is the guideline that helps build the base for continued health in our 50 and 60s. 

So in this post I’m going to discuss how you can lay a solid foundation of muscle mass and improve your stamina.

We will discuss:

  • The Foundation
  • The exercises
  • Being Careful
  • Downloadable Exercise Plan

Let’s Begin

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The Foundation:

As I stated earlier in your 40s you lay the foundation, so as you age you already have good solid amount of muscle mass and stamina.

This routine will focus on building muscle. We will hit each muscle group with the focus on building mass so please expect high volume.

This routine will focus on building stamina. When you build stamina you must focus on powerful bursts of energy. I believe that if you can power through your cardio you can build great stamina.

The Exercises:

The workout routine will be in the classic: push, pull, and leg routine. Rest days will be positioned between each workout day. 

This workout plan will be high volume so take extra days for rest if needed. 

Make sure to hit all 3 workout routines throughout your week. 

Your “rest” days will consist of cardio and abs.

This workout plan does require a gym or at least workout equipment.

Being Careful:

In our 40s we are more susceptible to injuries so rest will be vital. We want you to take the appropriate rest time in between sets 1-2 minutes. 

It is important to stretch before every workout day. I’m not talking about a 1-2 minute stretch. I’m talking about a stretch session. 15-20 minute stretch session. We also recommend warming up before you jump into each exercise, so that you can get the blood flowing to the muscle.

After you have completed each workout day. We advise you to purchase a massage gun or a foam roller and have a session massaging each muscle group worked. As we age we have to take proper precautions to prevent exercises. We are not in our 20s and 30s any longer, and remember we are laying a foundation for our 50s and 60s.

Downloading this plan means that you have discussed working out with your physician. Downloading this plan means that you and your provider have agreed that you are healthy enough to workout. 


Forever Fit 40

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