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Mark Sisson: Hall of Fame Inductee

Man of Health: Hall of Fame Inductee: Mark Sisson

This blog post is dedicated to another Hall of Fame Inductee. 


This blog’s purpose is to introduce our community to men who fit the description of a Man of Health. He is physically, mentally, spiritually, and I’m not someone to doubt another man sexual feats so we will guess he is sexually healthy.

This months Man of Health: Hall of Fame Inductee is:

Mark Sisson. Mr. Sisson may not know what a Man of Health is and what we represent, but he can be a role model to us all who seek to become Men of Health.

Mr. Mark Sisson created what he calls the Primal Diet. This diet is a version of the Paleo diet but has some key differences. 

The Primal Diet is a diet that focuses on what are primal ancestors would have eaten.

 It focuses on protein ,natural fat, and vegetables. One of the big differences between Sisson’s Primal Diet and Paleo is his diet allows the intake of full fat, dairy, and coffee. 

Sisson created a diet that I think most men can relate to and truly enjoy. Mr. Sisson created a lifestyle. 

Check out Sisson’s Primal Blueprint Here:

Mark is also a blogger and not just any regular blogger, but a guy who has over 300,000 subscribers.

 His blog site Mark’s Daily Apple. Is a gold mine of information.

On this site Mark gives out information that most would charge for. He discusses the Primal Lifestyle, Recipes, Fitness, and a  specific page that helps men attain their goals.

Check out Mark’s Daily Apple

Mark has written countless of diet and exercise books including one my personal favorites:

The Keto Reset Diet Reboot Your Metabolism in 21 Days and Burn Fat Forever.

Mark finished 4th in the ironman competition in 1982. Mark shows that at the age of 67 years young that he can out work men half his age.

Mark has paved the way.  We honor him as a Man of Health: Hall of Fame Inductee

Thank you Mark Sisson for inspiring us all.

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