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Man of Health Journey Chapter 6: A Loss Equals a Lesson Always

Half a year for Man of Health. This has been a slow and steady process., but I love every minute of it to be honest. I do not have a huge website or blog by no means, but I truly believe the information I deliver helps someone. I am going to keep being consistent with content for you guys.

Chapter 6 begins with some successes and some failures from Chapter 5.

Let’s begin with wins first because there is nothing learned from a win.

The process is almost complete on the Man of Health Supplements. We will deliver 4 main products for you guys.

  • Restore (Sleep Support) this supplement has natural products designed to help your body rest better at night.
  • Vitality (Testosterone Support) natural products designed to support your body’s natural testosterone.
  • Maintain (Men’s Multivitamin and Prostate Support).
  • Resilient (Emergency Immune Support) natural supplement to help boost your immune system.

Man of Health at 700+ members: I am super excited for this. This means our community is growing. The more guys we can get to like Man of Health the more health information we can deliver.

Better Communication with Wife: Hey I’m going to be transparent my communication with my wife had some growing to do. We still have to grow, but I’m taking steps to be the best man I can be.

Losses or Learning Lessons:

No house: This was a painful learning lesson, but everything happens for a reason. We are going to continue to search, and hopefully we find the perfect home for our family in the future.

Sell 10 Man of Health Tees: I only have sold 2 tees,  but hey this means I need to design and sell the message behind the Tees better. I’m not trying to make money off these Tees. I’m trying to deliver clothing that represents a change in a man’s mindset about health.

The Community 100 Members: We’re only at 67 so far, but I believe it will grow slowly but surely. I’m in no rush to grow our community. I believe my job is to deliver helpful free content, and I’m going to do so forever.

Well these are some of the past goals let’s discuss this month’s journey.


As always I’m inspired by my faith. I truly believe in faith over fear. This will be the motto for this month for me (Faith over Fear). I’m also inspired by my wife. She is continuing to hold down the house while I try to provide, but I know she is about to start back her schooling. She will be a radiologist technologist in 2 years. I’m super proud of her.

Husband and Dad Corner:

I stated earlier our house is going to change mid August because my wife is returning back to school. I am going to start working days, so I can be home more to support her dreams and goals. As a father I cannot wait to spend even more time with my 2 sons and my daughter. Since I am starting day shift soon I will be able to spend more valuable time with them.


  • Community have 80+ people.
  • Effective Communication
  • Sell 3 Man of Health Tees
  • Start Man of Heath Supplements
  • 800+ Man of Health Members
  • Have 30+ New Posts
  • Produce a Free Weight Loss Program (5 members sign up)

What am I reading/watching?

  • As always Earn your Leisure Podcasts
  • Eric Thomas and Other Motivational Speaker
  • Reading about Stock Options

I am so happy to have each member of Man of Health let’s continue to grow the community together.