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Do your thoughts race and you lack focus? Let us discuss meditation!


‘If you allow a glass of murky stormwater to stand, eventually the dirt settles and you are left with only clear water. It’s the same with meditation…Eventually we discover that the true nature of our mind is nothing except pure clarity, awareness–and bliss.‘ 

(From Buddhism for Busy People: Finding Happiness  in an Uncertain World,by David Michie, p 31)


Meditation can be beneficial to your overall health. Mediation has been studied and shown to improve depression, anxiety, stress, fatigue, and concentration.


There are studies that show that meditation can lower blood pressure and help reduce pain.


What is meditation???

When you think of meditation I bet the first thing that pops in your head is some guy with chanting mantra, with no care for personal belongings or grooming sitting on his butt with his legs crossed.

But meditation is much more than our stereotypical thoughts. Meditation is usually broken down into two categories; focused attention and Mindfulness.


Focused attention:

Focused attention is a meditation based on Buddhist practices. Focused attention meditation involves focusing on one object. The object can be breathing, calming sensations, or calming noises. It revolves around the idea of focusing on only one object. The meditator cannot allow their focus to be broken, if they notice their focus is broken they have to refocus.


FA involves 3 steps:

  • Awareness: The ability to know when your focus is off

  • Disengage: The ability to shift your attention and focus away from a distraction.

  • Refocus: The ability to refocus or lock into the object.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Is slowing down all of your thoughts. It is the calm after the storm. Mindfulness Meditation teaches you how to calm your mind and to slow down your racing thoughts. Mindfulness Meditation is very simple, which is one of the reasons it is so popular. It only requires comfortable positioning and your own mind.


MM involves:

  • Comfort: it is important to be comfortable where ever you choose to practice Mindfulness Meditation. Make sure that you are dressed comfortable and that your setting is comfortable

  • Time: it is importable to plan for your mindfulness meditation. Take time for yourself to clear your thoughts. I find it best to meditate early in the morning it clears the mind before tackling your day. If your meditation is cut short don’t worry or stress, just try again tomorrow.

  • Breathe: Breathing can help calm you and it gives you something to focus on while meditating.

Quick Focus Attention exercise

Pick something to focus on (breathe, music, smell). Focus entirely on that object the sound, the feelings, the sensation it creates within your body,. Experience your object so that it is your only focus.

Calm the voice inside of your head. Delete any negativity that occurs…just focus on your object. Do not let your mind wander. If your mind wanders quickly refocus it back on your object.

Do this for 5 minutes the goal is to work your way up to longer times.


Quick Mindfulness meditation exercise

Be comfortably dressed and in a comfortable position, just sit you by yourself

Relax your entire body. Focus on your breathing, do not let your mind wanders. If it does just retrieve your thoughts. Do not get frustrated, the goal is to train your mind to know when it is wandering and to quickly come back.

Minds will always wander but mindfulness is to notice your racing thoughts and to calm your thoughts and regain focus.



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