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What’s Next? I’ve Reached my Weight Goal

 🎉🎉🎉🎉, Congratulations, you’ve done it, you’ve reached your goal. Take some time to pat yourself on the back!!! It took some hard work, but you can say you’ve taken a MAJOR step toward becoming the Best Version of Yourself…but what’s next???

A lot of clients always wonder… What’s next after I reached the goal. Well I always tells them it depends:

Are you done with Becoming the Best Version of yourself?

You could settle for the amazing work you’ve done (which WAS amazing), but I’ll be honest this is where you really LOCK in and become focus on 2 things. Let me explain?


Maintaining your current Goal Weight can be challenging. This is Why we’ve created a simple plan to help keep the weight off. It’s a Simple 3 Step Program to help keep weight off.

1. Take the same dosage of Semaglutide you were on before you reached your goal, and take it EVERY OTHER WEEK.

2. Add our Weight Loss Caps oral: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

3. Maintain Weight for 4 Months Post Start.

* This plan is actually cheaper than your current plan per month*

Cost: $250 deposit, then $279 Monthly or you can choose biweekly payments


BODY COMPOSITION (After Maintenance)

After you’ve achieved Maintenance for those 4 months, we will switch to Body Composition, which includes building muscles mass with key amino acids, proteins, hormones, and much more.

We customize a plan for you that’s affordable and precise to your needs. We have plans starting at $99 a month.

Read More about Body Composition (Click here)

I’m excited you’ve reached your goal, but but we need to ensure the WEIGHT STAYS OFF + START SCULPTING THE BODY YOU WANT…Lets continue while the momentum is going. I look forward to showing what a motivated YOU and our clinic can really achieve. As always thank you for allowing us to service your healthcare needs. – Chris