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Man of Health Clinic: Georgia #1 Men’s Performance Clinic

Hello this is Chris with Man of Health Clinic. We are Georgia’s #1 Men’s Performance Clinic. Yes I know what you’re thinking everyone says that, which is TRUE.

But I want to prove to you why we believe in making things SIMPLE. We believe in Simple Pricing & Simple Health Care.  We deliver Erectile Dysfunction Medications, Weight Loss, and Testosterone Replacement in an INNOVATIVE way.  Let me tell you what separates us.


We are able to ship medications directly to your door. There is no need to visit a pharmacy, our pharmacy ships directly to you. NO UNNECESSARY VISITS to a Doctor’s office. When you visit a doctor’s office they’re charging you a fee. Have you ever paid for a consultation. No CONSULTATION FEE ever.


I have teamed with a pharmacy to create medication blends that can’t be found anywhere else in Georgia. Other clinics or local pharmacies cannot offer the same medications. We offer dissolvable tablets, liquid medication, creams, and much more.


Im really trying to help guys be the best version of themselves, so I educate my guys like no other clinic. I take pride in you knowing exactly what works, and what’s BS. My pricing is even 100% transparent. You know exactly what you will pay and what your getting.


I’ve cut out the unnecessary fluff of healthcare. No UNNECESSARY support staff, my team is optimized to deliver specific care for my clients. I’ve negotiated everything, so I guarantee you will not find BETTER pricing, our GUARANTEE.


ED TREATMENTS starting at $49 a month (meds, consult, and shipping included)

Testosterone Therapy: $99-150 monthly (meds, consult, bloodwork, shipping, and supplies included).


If we don’t make you feel like a BETTER VERSION of yourself, YOU GET YOUR MONEY BACK. No contracts EVER!!!!

TAKE THE TIME TO SCHEDULE A FREE CALL, and see if we have what it takes to EARN YOUR BUSINESS.

Press the LINK BELOW or TEXT MAX to 470-805-3942.

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