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How Principles Guide you to Success? (7 Tips Included).

Have you ever wondered what keeps some guys super motivated and helps them reach their goals? How are some guys just prone to more success than others? I will tell you in the next few paragraphs, How Principles can Guide you to a Successful Life.

What are Principles?

Most people will say I have Principles, but do they really know what the word means. Most people mistake values and principles, when they are truly different. Values are what you consider most important in your life. Values show what you could be.

Example: Someone may value being healthy, but what is healthy. Values are an idea. They are not based on reality.

In contrast, Principles are the actions behind values. Principles lead you to achieving your values.

Example: I “Value” being a healthy person. My Principle is I do not drink, smoke, or consume sugar. Your Principles are real world actions you take to gain your value.

Principles and your Values should always be alined.

How do you get your Principles?

People get their principles from their parents, religion, community, and heros. The most important way you receive your Principles are through your own life experiences.

As we experience life we start to create our own principles. We decide what principles will guide out lives every time we make a tough decision in life.

Creating Strong Principles:

1. Decide what it is you want out of life: You must know what you want out of life. This is the foundation to creating atring principles. Life will give you what you request.

2. Never Deviate, (Become a I Don’t Man): Once your Principles are set: Say no to things that deviate from your principles. If someone offers you a drink and your principles is you don’t drink. State I Don’t Drink and Don’t Deviate.

3. Plan: Once Strong Principles are Set, plan what you should do according to steps 1 & 2.

Example: I will graduate college on time. State I don’t go out when asked to go out. When asked to skip studying state I don’t Skip studying. Have planned responses for all situations that occur.

Eventually you become known as your principles.

Example: That’s the Guy who does drink or smoke.
Example: Don’t ask him to go out he doesn’t go out.

Here are 5 Quick Principles that may help you Become Successful from Ray Dalio.

Ray Dalio is the author of Principles. He has a net worth of 20 Billion Today. He helped create simple yet effective Life Principles, here are a few:

1. Work for what you want, not what other want.
2. Come up with Independent Opinions.
3. Stress Test all Your Opinions: Ask people smarter than you for flaws.
4. Never be Over Confident.
5. Embrace Reality.
6. Embrace First Order Consequences, even if undesirable. (Soreness with exercise always comes before health).
7. Take Ownership of your Actions: It’s your life that you are living.

Remember guys set Principles in your life that are in line with your Values. Let these principle guide your life and your success.

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