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How to Build a Positive Attitude: The Rubber bands and Smiles Technique.

  • We all know people who always see the negative in all things, and we know people who are a little to happy.

I did an experiment for the last 30 days were I only accepted positive things and claimed nothing but positive outcomes. I did not let a negative thought cross my mind. Well at least I tried. 

I wore a rubber band for thirty straight days and nights (yes I swapped out the rubber bands). 

I would pop myself anytime a negative thought crossed my mind. If I doubted myself (pop). If I wanted to get upset (pop). If I didn’t think I deserved it (pop). I did this so much that my mind started to correlate negative thoughts with pain.

Remember the mind can be trained. After 30 days I noticed that I did not allow myself to think negatively. I noticed that I did not need the rubber band to create a positive mindset.

What I also noticed is my positive mindset led to more positive energy being returned to me.

 I truly believe that the energy we put out in the universe, is the same energy we receive.

Once you understand the importance of having that positive attitude, you are going to want to keep it.

Here are some ways I keep a positive mindset:

  • I always state what I am grateful for.

I believe that we must be gracious for the things we receive. If we are gracious, we will show gratitude. If you have gratitude you will be positive.


  • Have a routine and goals

I believe that having a routine allows you to focus your mind. If you have a focused mind it does not allow your mind to drift to negative thoughts. Goals allow your mind to be focused on a specific subject.


  • Do not use the word not and replace the words “have” with “get”.

When you use negative words (not). I can not go. I will not make it. You automatically place negative thoughts into your head. Instead say I can go to the movies if I get this done. Switching words remove the negative words and replace them with positive goals. 


  • Do not say, “I have to do this assignment”. Say, “I am blessed that I get to do this work”. You are being grateful for your opportunity and you are thinking positive.

Remember the mind can be trained.

  • Do not complain or allow any complaints without a solution. This does not mean shutdown someone who is looking to vent to you. To be transparent this is a problem I am learning to solve. I would shut people down when they vented. Remember sometimes its good to vent just do not let too many negative thoughts occur. 

  • Take pride in the smile of someone else

I have a wife and 3 kids I believe that it is my job to make them burst out laughing at least once a day. 1 good healthy laugh is my goal a day. This keeps me in a positive mindset. I can not have negative thoughts or be unhappy if I am going to achieve this goal.

Yes I do cheat and sometimes tickle them if I am tired but hey a laugh is a laugh.


Remember that a Man of Health’s job is to improve the life of the people around him. 

The only way he can do this is to have a positive mindset, so put on your rubber bands on and change your mindset.n


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