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How Great Relationships Improve your Spiritual Health?

Have you ever noticed that an argument with someone you care about really messes up your day.

Humans are built to develop relationships. We are built to love and trust other individuals. Relationships can be with your partner, family, or friends. As men we are usually the cultivators in these relationships.

As cultivators it is our job to pursue positive relationships with whom ever we decide to be in a relationship with.


In the article I will discuss:

  • Why it is important to pursue a positive relationship?

  • What is a positive relationship?

  • What is a negative relationship?

  • How to remove negative relationships?

  • How to improve your relationship?

  • Why is it important to pursue a positive relationship?

As I stated earlier, human beings we were created to develop relationships. Newborns seek a relationship with their parents. As we grow older we develop relationships with our family members. We even seek companionship so that we can develop a relationship with a significant other.

Our entire existence is to develop relationships.


So what is a positive relationship?

A positive relationship is a relationship that is mutually beneficial for both people involved. A positive relationship usually involves the sharing of feelings. As humans these feelings are usually happiness, joy, passion, and love when it is a positive relationship.

A positive relationship should produce something for both individuals involved. In a family setting positive relationships should produce happiness and support. 

In a marital relationship a positive relationship should produce love and passion.

A positive relationship in school should produce good grades and great outcomes for each student involved.


What is a negative relationship?

To be honest a negative relationship is everything opposite of a positive relationship.

A negative relationship is not mutually beneficial. This type of relationship usually only benefits one person involved. A negative relationship usually ends in hurt for one of the people involved.

 A negative relationship will never produce anything productive. It will always end in hurt and anger for one of the individuals involved.


How to remove negative relationships?

The best way to remove negative relationships is to recognize you are in one.


 Here are some questions to ask yourself.

  1. Is the relationship only beneficial for one person?
  2. Does the relationship create anything productive?
  3. Does the relationship hurt anyone involved or anyone close to the relationship?
  4. Would your life be better without that person?

Once you recognize that you are in a negative relationship. End it or try to fix it. In order to fix it communication has to be strong.  You need to let that person know that the relationship is not being beneficial for the both of you. Never attack the person just explain where you both can grow together.

If they do not listen or do not try to change you may need to end the relationship. 

Before you end the relationship self-evaluate and give the person a chance to change. ending the relationship give the person time to change.

Improve your relationship:

  • Know what a positive and negative relationship is.

  •  Always Communicate.

  • Listen to the other person because they may have a way to improve the relationship.

  • Trust each other.

  • Love each other and know that a positive relationship produces something positive.

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